Albino Horse

Albino horse is a horse breed that completely lacks pigmentation. This horse breed owes its origin to the U.S.A. Since the early part of the past century, Albino horses have been bred in North America. Thus, they are also known as American Albino Horse. All these horses are believed to be descents of a pre-potent sire named Old King who was a quality saddle horse, possibly of Arab-Morgan origin. Albino horses are handsome with eye-catching personalities. In breeding out the weak blue eyes and over-sensitivity of the skin to the sun, successes are recorded. Go through the following account to get more information about this horse breed.

History of Albino Horse

In the olden days only kings, queens, chiefs, the bravest knights, etc. were privileged to ride this white horse. This was a symbol of high position or prosperity. Albino or White Horse is registered in America. Albino is a color and not a breed. Folklore and early art have portrayed white horses as animals of wonderful stamina and beauty. White horses are represented by the American Albino Horse Association. It was recognized as an offspring of a single white stallion. White stallion has the repute of producing many pink-skinned, white foals from mares of solid colors. White stallion was assumed to be of Arab-Morgan ancestry.

Caleb and Hudson Thompson, owners of White stallions entered into an endeavor with a herd of Morgan-bred mares for the production of a breed of all-white horses. It was in the year 1936 that the need for a recording system was realized by them. It was done to maintain all the breeding records for guidance in the future regarding the breeding program.

The year 1937 witnessed the formation of the American Albino Horse Club at the White Horse Ranch in Naper, Nebraska, U.S.A. It aimed to collect, conserve and verify the pedigrees of the American Albino. It also wanted to promote interest in the variety of types of American Albinos.

Physique of Albino Horse

Regarding the physical attributes of Albino Horse, he has a white coat. His mane and tail are also white. His skin is pink and he has black, brown, or dark blue eyes. This breed of horse is truly a color breed, thus, it can carry the characteristics of its sires. Other than its color, the breed of the Albino Horse is separated into a saddle horse type, stock horse type, and Arabian type. Categories of ponies are separate in this breed.

Body Color of Albino Horse

Albino horses should necessarily have pink skin and truly white coloring despite breeding. Even the slightest pigmentation of hair is not acceptable. Some tiny scattered spots are bearable. The differences in eye color common to horses are tolerable. This includes amber and very pale blue and particolored.

Height of Albino Horse

A majority of these horses reach the range of 14 – 14.2hh.

Weight of Albino Horse

In the case of females, the weight that is regarded to be an ideal one is that of 725 kgs or 1600 lb and in the case of males, it is that of 815 – 910 kgs or 1800-2000 lb.

Albino horse is a multitalented one. It has been used for parades, jumping, shows, driving, western and English pleasure, movies, youth camp mount, and the like. This horse breed is relatively peaceful, possesses excellent nature, and is an intelligent one. As far as their life expectancy is concerned, he is known to live a very long life.

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