Alter Horse

The name of Alter Real breed is from the tiny town of Alter do Chao, in the Portuguese province of Alentejo. It was here that this horse was bred in the year 1348 at the royal Vila de Portel stud. This stud aimed at providing horses for the royal stables. Its object was to select suitable horses for classical equitation. For court purposes, quality carriage horses were also in demand. All these norms were fulfilled by Alter Real Horse. It is also a high-quality saddle horse. While you proceed reading this account, you will come across more about this horse.

History of Alter Real Horse

A chaotic history is witnessed by Alter Real Horse. This horse breed has also suffered from cross-breeding experiments that were ill-advised. At present, the survival of this horse is because of the Andalucian blood which was re-introduced, and Alter Real Horse bred came into existence in 1748 upon the Andalucian blood. 300 Andalucian mares were imported from around Jerez de la Frontera in Spain and the result was Alter Real Horse.

The Alter Real Horse is an Iberian without a doubt. It has managed to maintain its identity among the Iberian breeds. This horse breed is especially suited to its original function-the Haute Ecole. Currently, the performances given by the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art have preserved the classical Alter Real Horse.

The physique of Alter Real Horse

Alter Real Horse has a medium-sized head with wide-set, liquid eyes, well-carried on a crested neck. Its shoulders are strong and muscular with a deep chest. Its body is short but powerful and compact with strong loins and good hindquarters. Its legs are hard with good bone, fine in the cannon and Shannon bones and the pasterns. Its forearms are strong and hocks are flexible.

Height of Alter Real Horse

An Alter Real Horse stands to a height of 15-16 hh.

Body Color of Alter Real Horse

The coat of An Alter Real Horse is bay, chestnut, or brown. Sporadically, it is gray.

The Temperament of Alter Real Horse

An Alter Real Horse is sharp and quick to learn. This horse is eye-catching and elegant and possesses high energy.

Uses of Alter Real Horse

An Alter Real Horse is used as a show horse. It is also regarded as a pleasure animal as it gives a delightful ride. In terms of performance and carriage, this horse is a masterpiece.

Andalusian mares and Arabian stallions were bred to produce an enduring horse, i.e., Alter Real Horse. As far as weaknesses of the Alter Real Horse are concerned, it tends post-leggedness and frail pasterns.

These horses are sometimes gaited just as in the case of other Lusitanos and Andalusians. In 1997, a largely Alter Real-bred stallion proved all other gaited horses in Germany to be dull in front of him and won the title of Gaited Horse of the Year. Today, this breed has retained its individuality; it is pretty rare, but not endangered. This horse forms a part of the cultural heritage of Portugal.

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