American Shetland

American Shetland today, barely bears a resemblance to the hardy island ponies that were originally brought to North America from Scotland. In the present scenario, it is refined to a great extent. This breed is strongly infused with Hackney Pony blood. The price range for the breed of American Shetland is immense. In some areas, you can buy a sound pony for a very little amount. On the other hand, the prices of these ponies can be tremendously high.

History of American Shetland

In 1888, the American Shetland Pony Club was formed and then selective breeding commenced. The result was the American Shetland of the present day. A period of five decades witnessed the emergence of two distinct branches of the American Shetland- the Pony of the Americas and the American Shetland. Today’s American Shetland is the refined result of several years.

Hackney pony, Arabian and little amount of Thoroughbred blood contributed to the production of a rather distinct confirmation of American Shetland. This breed was developed in the USA by selective breeding from quality imports of the original Island type, which is stockier than the American version. It is popular throughout northern America and America has sent its value to heights that would be more realistic for a Thoroughbred racehorse.

The physique of American Shetland

American Shetland is taller and lighter in build than its Island ancestor. Its head is more refined, often with a faint inward dish. The ears are dainty. The chest is deep. The Mane and tail of this pony are luxurious. It has elongated legs. The body is solid, strapping, and smooth. Despite its seeming delicacy, it is strong enough to pull twice its weight. American Shetland noticeably lacks pony character.

Height of American Shetland

The average height of an American Shetland is 11.2 hands high.

Body Color of American Shetland

American Shetland is found in a variety of colors. The variety of colors ranges from Dun and Roan to Bay and Black.

The temperament of American Shetland

American Shetland is a versatile and easygoing pony. It is highly intelligent, gentle, and adaptable.

Uses of American Shetland

The breed’s adaptability is shown by the many uses to which it is put. In addition to their primary functions as children’s ponies and general household pets, American Shetlands appear in the show ring in both halter and harness classes on the racetrack, trotting before tiny, lightweight racing sulkies and in pulling contests where the ponies compete to pull a percentage of their weight. They have also proved their worth as show ponies.

American Shetland is built for driving. It has hardy and robust peony roots and is a result of restricted breeding. It cannot be denied that it is a versatile and useful breed. It has high, exaggerated action which is reminiscent of a miniature Hackney, often with artificially developed gaits. Long false hooves and false tails are fitted sometimes for shows. It is outstanding under saddle and is a very good competitor. They are now found all through the United States and Canada.

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