American Standardbred Horse

American Standardbred Horse was developed in North America. This breed of horse is best known for its outstanding capability to race in harness at a pace or trot. No wonder, it is widely acclaimed throughout the planet for its ability to harness racing. This breed of horse is well-built and has good dispositions. You can get to know more about this horse breed in the following lines.

History of American Standardbred Horse

The mid part of the 18th century witnessed the official trotting races with the horses in harnesses. The foundation for the breed of Standardbred horse was laid by Narragansett Pacer and the Canadian Pacer, Norfolk Trotter, Morgan, Hackney, and the Thoroughbreds. Bloodlines was selected by the breeders that would create the fastest horses. It was done with one of the most distinguished sires the gray Thoroughbred stallion Messenger. The latter was exported to the United States in 1788.

He played an instrumental role in the production of both runners and trotters. Currently, every trotter or pacer traces its ancestry back to him. It was in the year 1879 that the name ‘Standardbred’ was used officially for the first time. Now, the scene is that several Standardbred horses race at a much faster pace than the original ones. Trotters are just a few seconds slower than pacers. Somewhat dissimilar bloodlines are found in trotters than pacers, though both can trace their lineage back to the same bloodline.

The physique of the American Standardbred Horse

Conformation slightly varies in the case of this horse, since the prime requirement of a Standardbred horse is its speed and not its pretty face. It is a small, muscular Thoroughbred type, longer in the body and shorter in the leg and of less refined appearance. It has powerful shoulders, a deep, broad chest, and strong hindquarters. Legs and feet are iron hard. It has immense stamina and a splendid heart and lungs. The name ‘Standardbred’ applies to both trotters and pacers. Pacing is a gait in which both legs on the same side come down simultaneously.

The Standardbred horse, although predominantly Thoroughbred also contains a mixture of English and Canadian trotting and Hackney blood together with Arab, Barb, and Morgan. The breed descends from Hambletonian foal in 1849 and the sire of 1,321 offspring, and through him the English Thoroughbred Messenger was imported in 1788.

Height of American Standardbred Horse

An American Standardbred Horse grows to a height of 15.2 hh.

Body Color of American Standardbred Horse

Usually black, bay, brown, and chestnut are the body colors of the American Standardbred Horse. You can also find any solid color on this horse.

The character of American Standardbred Horse

An American Standardbred Horse possesses a very courageous character.

Harness racing is amongst the most well-liked sports in America and Standardbred breeding has become a big business. American Standardbred horse is renowned for its expertise in harness racing and being the fastest trotting horse on the planet. These horses are often used to upgrade other breeds of harness racers around the globe because of their speed.

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