Anglo Arab Horse

The Anglo-Arab Horse is a more significant horse than the Arab Horse which is purebred. This breed of horse is produced by mixing Arab and thoroughbred blood. The Anglo-Arab horse breed is the most wanted and much loved in Europe and these horses are selectively bred in France and Poland. The military and the general riders in France made much use of this horse breed. Now this horse is mostly known as a ‘Sport Horse’. In the development of the Selle Francais horse breed the Anglo-Arab horse has been instrumental.

History of Anglo-Arab Horse

Crossing of the Arabian horse with the thoroughbred of England produced the Anglo-Arab Horse. The breed of Anglo-Arab Horse is famous in Europe and is used to breed other varieties of horses like that of the Selle Francais, as mentioned above. The principal countries of Anglo-Arab development are Britain, France, and Poland.

Physique of Anglo Arab Horse

Anglo Arab Horse has straight head and face. It possesses eyes that are big and expressive. Its neck is a longer one, arched and its withers are more prominent. Its shoulders are very powerful and oblique. It has a pleasing depth of girth. Its back is short. The tail is set on high and is carried gaily. Its legs are long and slender.

The body color of Anglo-Arab Horse

This horse possesses mostly bay, brown and chestnut colors. Usually, you can find any of the solid colors on this horse breed.

Height of Anglo-Arab Horse

Usually, this horse is around 16hh, or just under, but can be smaller or larger.

The Temperament of Anglo-Arab Horse

The Anglo-Arab horse is suitable enough for sports with its aptitude and versatile temperament.

The character of Anglo-Arab Horse

Anglo-Arab Horse is brave, gay, sweet-natured, and intelligent.

Uses of Anglo-Arab Horse

Anglo-Arabs are almost absolutely known as a sport horse. They have won several Olympic medals in several disciplines. They are good racehorses, jump very well, and can go on longer distances. They are outstanding riding horses and are predominantly recommended for polo.

Anglo-Arab Horse in France

The French Anglo-Arab Horse has received encouragement from the long-established national studs. They have acted as the chief factor in horse breeding from the time they were created for the very first time by the minister of Louis XIV in the 17th century. In the beginning, the royal stables were supplied but with the advent of Napoleon Bonaparte towards the end of the 18th century; their works began to include the provision of cavalry remounts for his campaigns. Desert-bred Arabs, largely from Syria and Tunisia were crossed with native mares.

The Anglo-Arab horse is a younger breed than the thoroughbred. It arose in various parts of Europe wherever there were breeders who well-liked the thoroughbred and the Arab horse. They wanted to merge the qualities of both. Studs in south-western France and the Polish government stud produce particularly good Anglo-Arabs. It is noteworthy that this horse was a favorite competition horse in France.

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