Ardennes Horse

Amongst the oldest breeds of draft horses, Ardennes registers its name. This horse breed originates from the area of Ardennes in Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. This horse breed is found in several colors, though black horses are rarely found. Such horses are not permitted to have registration with the breed registry.

It is said that Ardenne’s horse is so calm that even a child could handle it. This horse is thought to be praised by Caesar in De Bello Gallic but it is impossible to know how much mixing of breed it has undergone since then or how much wishful thinking there is in identifying it with the willing work-horse of 2,000 years ago. This composed horse is elaborated on in the piece of writing below.

History of Ardennes horse

The historical annals turn to Ancient Rome when it comes to the history of Ardenne’s horse. Throughout the years Ardennes has received the blood of many other breeds. It is noteworthy that among all the breeds, it was only the Belgian breed that had a vital impact on this breed.

The early part of the 20th century witnessed the first import of Ardenne’s horses to the United States. It was in 1929 when the first breed registry was established in Europe. History has seen these horses in the wars, in form of cavalry horses and important parts of artillery. At present, this horse breed is chiefly used for heavy draft and farm work, competitive driving events, and the production of meat. Throughout Europe and Asia Ardenne’s horse has been instrumental in fashioning many other breeds of horses.

Physique of Ardennes Horse

Ardennes horse is a massive and compact horse with an immense muscular frame on its short legs. It has a strong head with a broad face, a hugely-crested neck, an enormous chest, both in width and depth, a near-circular barrel, and vast hindquarters – the whole is set on short legs of gigantic proportion, especially in the hocks. The horse possesses abundant feathers. Ardennes horses reared on poor fare are noticeably lighter in bone and muscle.

Body Color of Ardennes Horse

The color of the coat of Ardennes horse may be roan, chestnut, gray, palomino, or bay. The most commonly seen colors are bay and roan. Black-colored Ardennes horse is seen in rare cases. These horses are also excluded from being registered.

Height of Ardennes Horse

Ardennes’ horse stands to the height of 15.2-16hh.

The temperament of Ardennes Horse

Ardennes horse is very calm and gentle; willing.

Uses of Ardennes Horse

Ardennes’ horse makes an excellent artillery horse. At present, it is chiefly used for meat because of its musculature. Not only this but also this horse breed is used for forest, farm, and leisure work. This horse is extensively used for competitive driving across Europe. This breed of horse is renowned for its capability to work in terrain that is rough and hilly.

The Ardennes Horse gets mature quickly and these horses are said to be easily handled and kept. Despite their size, these horses are economical to be fed. The Ardennes Horse breed is long-striding and free-moving despite its compact body structure. It seems certain that it played an instrumental part in the blood of the Great Horses of the Middle Ages, that it contains Oriental and Belgian blood, that it was used by Napoleon to haul his artillery, and that it experienced a period of work as a coach horse. Its enormous services to agriculture and its value to the export trade of France and Belgium have unfortunately been drastically reduced by mechanization.

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