Australian Horse

The Australian horse breed is tremendously hardy. These horses are very surefooted and handle stress nicely because of their calm nature. This horse breed is among those rare breeds of horses that are all-rounders. This horse excels in almost all disciplines. It has few tendencies towards lameness or foot problems. The Australian Horse is bred for brainpower, valor, hardiness, and strength.

Origin of Australian Horse

In the year 1788, the settlers brought horses for the very first time to Australia. An excellent breeding ground was provided to the Spanish Stock. It was the rich pasture land of New South Wales. Arab and Thoroughbred stock was introduced over the years. This introduction gave these horses a close manifestation of the Anglo-Arab horses. The Australian horses of early times were said to carry Barb, Spanish, Arabian, and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Later Australian horses included Welsh mountain pony and Timor blood. During the gold rush of the fifth and sixth decades of the 19th century, the horse-faced negligence. It was the time when farms and ranches were neglected in search of faster wealth. Gradually, the horse was brought back into a good turn, showing substantial skill as a cavalry horse. When the Percheron and Quarter Horse blood was introduced, the Australian horse turned into a bigger horse and carried indefinite versatility (the use of Quarter Horse bloodlines is rather controversial).

It was admired as a workhorse and was used mostly in farms and some other industries. As the primary industries underwent mechanization the use of this horse breed diminished and this was the reason that the interest of people in these horses waned. Only in the sixth decade of the past century, the Australian Horse was extensively used for pleasure riding. This horse breed was revived and its registry was established in the same decade.

The physique of Australian Horse

The Australian horse has an Arab head with intelligent eyes. The ears are pricked and carried on the long and arched neck of this horse. It has a broad forehead. The shoulders are well-sloped and the back is short and deep with well-sprung ribs. The hindquarters are round and strong. The horse has a well-set tail. Its legs are clean and short with hard and well-conformed hooves. The overall conformation is strapping but not colossal.

Height of Australian Horse

The height of the Australian horse ranges from 14 hands high to 16.2 hands high.

Body Color of Australian Horse

All colors are acceptable in the case of Australian horses.

The Temperament of Australian Horse

The Australian horse has a calm and responsive temperament. It is an intelligent and enduring horse.

Uses of Australian Horse

In this day and age, the Australian Horse dominates most jumping contests and is a renowned mount for riding and sports. This horse is a victory in eventing, dressage, and show jumping. It is an outstanding performance horse for camp drafting and rodeo. Its athleticism and courage help it in qualifying as a good hunting horse. It is also a good horse for children.

The superiority of the Australian horse breed has been acknowledged globally. This reputation has made these horses be exported to the USA, the UK, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. If you want a resourceful horse that is also good for leisure time, a tireless workhorse, or a dependable mount for children, the best choice you can make is the Australian horse.

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