Balea Ric Horse

The Balearic horse breed is found on the island of Majorca off the southern coast of Spain. Unluckily very few formal records have been kept about the Balearic horse. These records combine with the isolation of Balearic horses and have kept their bloodlines unadulterated and their numbers down.

This horse is still a matter of curiosity to many people as its origins and clear historical account are missing. The Balearic horse falls in the category of the least acknowledged type of horse to date. It is truly a Herculean task to come across much if any information about this horse is available in records. Whatever is documented about this regal rare horse is harmonized in the following piece of writing.

History of Balearic Horse

The Balearic Horse is sometimes known as the Balearic Island pony. The origins of this horse breed are murky. It is claimed by some that the Balearic Horse belongs to an ancient breed and is a descendant of the Ancient Greek horses. There is another claim that says the original stock of the Balearic horse breed came from Skyros in Greece.

It is thought that the Balearic horse breed has some resemblance to the horses that are illustrated on pottery, friezes, and coins of ancient Greece. The Balearic horse breed is considered insignificant by modern government officials in Spain, thus, much is not known about this breed. It is learned from the genetic studies that the Balearic is a distinct breed from other Iberian horse breeds and also those breeds that reside on various islands in the Balearic chain.

Physical Characteristics of Balearic Horse

The Balearic horse has a fine head and a Romanesque nose. It has a short, thick, and arched neck. Its mane is upright. The body is lean and the legs are slender and light of bone. Its hooves are hard. Its bone structure is refined. In an attempt to find other characteristics of this horse, you will come across differences in the breed reports. According to some, this breed is very attractive while others consider it a shabby one.

Height of Balearic Horse

The height of the Balearic horse reaches about 14 hands high.

Body Color of Balearic Horse

Most of the Balearic horses are found in bay, chestnut, at times grey color.

Uses of Balearic Horse

The Balearic is widely used by the local population as a harness horse for farm work. It is also used as a horse for fundamental transportation, as a riding horse, and also as a show horse.

It is uncertain if the breed should be classified as a horse or a pony. This breed is considered rare and rich information is not available about it. The Balearic horse is similar to the horses found on Greek coins. It works with great docility on the small farms of Majorca and in harness for Palma tradesmen.

It is a gentle and patient sort of horse. It will stand without restraint under the almond trees between the shafts of the typical wide-spanned, green-netted carts into which the almond crop is dropped. In a nutshell, it can be said that the Balearic horse has an aristocratic appearance, and more information is required to be gained about this horse.

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