Bashkirs Horse

Bashkir horse is a breed developed in the mountain or steppe region. This region is close to the Volga and the Urals in the former USSR. Most likely, they are close relatives of the Steppe horses of Western Asia. Bashkir’s horse is pretty notable. It is greatly adapted to the harsh environment it inhabits and also the lives of local steppe people. It should be noted that Russia‚Äôs Bashkir horse breed should not be confused with the American Curly Horse.

History of Bashkir Horse

The Bashkir horse is a descendant of the steppe horses in Western Asia. Predecessors of the Bashkir horse are found in plenty of numbers in the burial mounds of the ancient periods in the Western Asian steppes. This horse was developed by the Bashkir people. It is believed that this horse came into existence as a result of cross-breeding between the steppes horse with the Bashkirian forest horse.

The harsh climate influenced the development of the produced horse. It made this new breed hardy and enduring. Sometimes Bashkir horses are crossbred with riding breeds and draft breeds to improve the Bashkir horse breed. These horses are also cross-bred with other former USSR horse breeds. A majority of the official Bashkir breeding stock is located at the Ufa stud.

The physique of Bashkir Horse

Bashkir horse has a strong, sturdy body, strapping neck, and prominent withers. It has a long back and a low-set tail. Its mane and tail are abundant. The legs are short and strong and the hooves are small and hard.

Height of Bashkir Horse

The Bashkir horse stands to a height of 13.2 hands high on average.

Body Color of Bashkir Horse

The coat of Bashkir horses is bay, chestnut, palomino, grey, roan, or dun.

The temperament of Bashkir Horse

Bashkir’s horse has a calm and good-natured character. This horse is very hardy and possesses great endurance. At the same time, it can also be said without a doubt that he is kind, contact-seeking, sincere, and a very reliable and willing worker. Nonetheless, it is a real survivor. It is very intelligent and astute and consequently, it can be rather stubborn at times.

Uses of Bashkir Horse

Bashkir horses go equally well under the saddle or in harness to sleighs. Stallions and geldings are mainly used for these purposes, while mares are frequently milked for the production of Kumiss, a drink that is considered to have medicinal as well as alcoholic qualities. In Bashkiria, they have been milked since the beginning of history, and modern mare yields about 2000 liters (440 gallons) of milk during a lactation period of 7-8 months. This horse breed is excellent for riding, light draft and farm work, and the production of meat, milk, and clothes. The wavy, thick winter coat of this breed has qualities to be used to produce clothing.

There are two types of Bashkir horses, the Mountain and the Steppe. The Mountain type is slightly smaller and more suitable for riding and the other heavier steppe type is largely used for light draft work such as drawing troikas. The Bashkir horse was mounted by Bashkir warriors, Orenburg and Ural Cossacks in war. Regiments that mounted on this horse breed participated in the Napoleonic wars. Bashkir horses are famous for their power of endurance.

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