Beberbeck Horse

Beberbeck horse is a breed of Germany. It is bred in the present day though the numbers in which it was produced at a point in time have undergone reduction now. Local mares were made to cross-breed with Arab and thoroughbred stallions to bring this cavalry-type horse into being. It can be said without a doubt that this horse resembles a heavier version of the thoroughbred horse. This German horse breed derives its name from the Beberbeck Stud. This stud was its cradle as it was developed here. The breeding was done to develop the Beberbeck horse at this stud from the 18th century until 1930. After this, the stud was closed.

History of Beberbeck Horse

It was in the year 1720 that the Beberbeck Stud was founded near Kassel. The Beberbeck horses were developed at this stud. The original intention was to breed Palomino horses, but this aim seems to have changed to the desire for a quality carriage and riding horse. Initially, the cross-breeding of native Beberbeck mares with Arabian Stallions was done. Then the produced mares were made to cross-breed with English Thoroughbred horses.

The next step was cross-breeding with the native Beberbeck stallions. These cross-breedings made the Beberbeck horse breed come into being. All these steps helped in retaining type and substance. The consequence of all these efforts was a heavy Thoroughbred type. This Thoroughbred type tends to be deep through the girth. The horses are still bred, but the Beberbeck strain has diminished numerically and it is no longer an important German breed.

Physical Characteristics of Beberbeck Horse

Beberbeck horse is a quality saddle horse. It has excellent conformation and bone. The general appearance of this horse is similar to the Thoroughbred, though this is a heavier version.

Height of Beberbeck Horse

The height of the Beberbeck horse usually ranges between 16 hands high to 16.2 hands high.

Body Color of Beberbeck Horse

The Beberbeck horse wears a coat of predominantly bay or chestnut color.

The temperament of Beberbeck Horse

The Beberbeck is an even-tempered, willing, and enduring horse. It has sufficient courage and discipline to make a good cavalry horse and sufficient patience to work well in harness and on the farm.

Uses of Beberbeck Horse

The Beberbeck horse is widely used for riding, working in harnesses, for cavalry purposes, light drafting, and farm work. They also make good light cart horses.

At present, very few Beberbeck horses exist. The reason is that this horse breed has been mostly combined with the German and Eastern European modern warm-blood sports horses. As far as its population status is concerned, this horse breed is critically endangered. One principle was followed strictly in breeding Beberbeck horses.

The principle was that the mare developed by an English Thoroughbred stallion was never covered by an English Thoroughbred stallion again. Such a mare was crossbred with a homebred Beberbeck stallion. A heavier type of English Thoroughbred is represented by Beberbeck horses. These horses have good conformation, deep girth, and plenty of bone.

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