Bosnian Horse

The Bosnian Horse has its origin in Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. It is the most widespread and important of the pony breeds in the Balkan states. Some 400,000 of them are employed in Yugoslavian farms as pack workers and sometimes they work as riding ponies. The Bosnian is yet another example of the basic Tarpan type which has been improved with Arab blood. Here, you can enhance your knowledge about Bosnian Horse which, as already mentioned; is a pony.

History of Bosnian Horse

The Bosnian Pony is similar to the Hucul and Konik pony breeds. Commonly, this triad is known jointly as the Balkan breeds. All these breeds are considered to be primeval. It is thought that the Bosnian Pony has been developed from a cross between the Tarpan and the Asian Wild Horse. It is said that during the Ottoman Empire, the Turks did infusions of oriental stock which resulted in adding more Tarpan blood to fashion the present breed of Bosnian Pony.

There has been selective breeding of the Bosnian Pony through government-controlled breeding programs. This commenced in the 20th century. The Borike Stud in Bosnia was the main breeding center for several years. The mares were owned privately but all breeding stallions were controlled by the state.

To improve the Bosnian pony breed, three stallions- Agan, Barat, and Misco were used during the 4th decade of the 20th century. There were stern standards including performance tests, for stallions till the Bosnian War. The standards were observed to guarantee the excellence of the breed. The aftermath of this stern control was an efficient Bosnian Pony that could be used for various purposes.

The physique of Bosnian Horse

The Bosnian Pony is a compact mountain pony. It has a heavy head with a straight profile, a short and muscular neck, long and sloping shoulders, quite flat withers, and a profound chest. Its quarters are sloping and the back is straight. It has short and well-muscled legs with tidy wide joints and tough tendons.

Height of Bosnian Horse

Usually, the Bosnian Pony stands 12.1 to 14 hands high.

Body Color of Bosnian Horse

The Bosnian Pony is found in chestnut, brown, black, palomino, brownish gray, bay, or gray.

The Temperament of Bosnian Horse

This pony breed is very affectionate, hardy and tough, very intelligent, and usually docile.

Uses of Bosnian Horse

You can use a Bosnian Pony for several purposes. It is efficient at packing, riding, light farm, and draft work. In rough terrain where motorized vehicles do not do well, this pony is recurrently used as a pack animal. It is easy to handle and ride it.

In recognition of the quality and to keep up the great demand, the Bosnian Ponies are carefully bred by the State; only chosen stallions are allowed to cover mares. To maintain the breed’s excellence as pack ponies; all stallions have to pass a test requiring them to carry a load of roughly 220lb for ten miles. This has been achieved in 71 minutes. Thus, today we have a Bosnian Pony with a superiority level.

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