Boulonnais Horse

Boulonnais horse is also known by the name of White Marble Horse. This horse breed is a heavy draft one. Now chiefly the French Government breeds it because of the decrease in the number of these horses. Boulonnais horse owes its origin to the period before the Crusades.

At the time, this horse was extremely famous as a draft horse in not only France, its native country but also in other parts of Europe. Usually, the branding of this horse breed is done on the neck’s left side with the help of an anchor. If you feel fascinated to gain more information about this horse, then the following piece of writing will do the needful.

History of Boulonnais Horse

The crossbreeding of native French mares and stallions resulted in the emergence of the Boulonnais horse breed. It happened in 55-54 BCE. The need for an alert, fast and strong warhorse to be ridden by the knights on the battlefield made Eustache, Comte de Boulogne, and Robert, Comte d’Artois-the two breeders, to cross the heavy French stallions with German Mecklenberg mares.

Further, Spanish Barb, Andalusian, and Arabian blood were blended and added during the 17th century which brought the modern Boulonnais type into existence. This horse breed received serious destruction during the two World Wars. It is disappointingly reported that the smaller Boulonnais type is nowhere to be found today. In small numbers, the larger Boulonnais horse is bred to date.

Physique of Boulonnais Horse

Boulonnais horse is an elegant heavy draught horse. It is very similar to the Percheron in appearance. It has a fine head with a straight or slightly-concave face. It is faintly reminiscent of the Arab with small ears. Its neck is strong and its body is deep and powerful with ample front and hindquarters that are pronounced dip in the back. It is gifted with short but muscular legs. The legs have big joints and little feathers. The male is bushy and the coat is silky. This horse gives the effect of grace and harmony.

Height of Boulonnais Horse

The Boulonnais horse is 15.3-16.3 hands high.

Body Color of Boulonnais Horse

Usually, the body of a Boulonnais horse is gray but sometimes it can be chestnut or bay.

The temperament of Boulonnais Horse

As far as the temperament of the Boulonnais horse is concerned, it is a lively, intelligent, and good-natured horse. It is sociable enough and even-tempered.

Uses of Boulonnais Horse

Boulonnais horse is blessed with a marvelous gait. The horse is an energetic one. As a working draft horse, it is a masterpiece. This horse breed is well-liked for its stylish teams in harnesses. This horse breed has earned a status for improving other breeds of draft horses, even though it is very few in number at present.

Like the Percheron, the Boulonnais Horse has Oriental blood. It is a horse that is admirable. It soothes the eye and fulfills its functions as an active, hard-working farm horse. A majority of owners and breeders of Boulonnais horses are putting up in Northern France, Germany, and Belgium. Sincere efforts are being put into practice to save this horse breed from being extinct. The government is providing funds to several studs so that this horse breed doesn’t die out.

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