Brabant Horse

The Brabant horse is also known by the names of Belgian horse, Brabancon, or Belgian Heavy Horse. This horse breed is that of a draft horse and it comes from the West Brabantian region of Belgium. Among the heavy breeds, these horses are considered to be the strongest ones. This imposing horse, which has had a tremendous influence on cold-blooded breeds all over the world, has a history of high romance which is unfortunately not backed up by indisputable evidence. To gain more information about this horse breed, go through the following account.

History of Brabant Horse
According to the historical scenario, there are possibilities that Brabant’s horse had ancestors who were destriers in the Middle Ages. Chiefly, these ancestors were used as farm horses. Import of Brabant horses to the USA; saw an end immensely when World War II broke out. These horses were transported out of Europe in bulk because the War was being commenced. Even though American horses have seen a serious decline in the percentage of draft breeds, on the whole, the Brabant horses increased in number.

Physique of Brabant Horse
The Brabant horse is a powerful, tall, massive, and compact one. It has a Squarehead but it is relatively small for its bulky body. Its eyes are intelligent and carry an expression of alertness. A strong and crested neck is possessed by it. Its shoulders are massive and some are the front and hindquarters. The back is short, the girth is deep and the body is powerful. Its Legs are short and muscular, with medium feathers on them. Overall, it is a handsome horse, with great presence and good action.

Height of Brabant Horse

The Brabant horse is 16.2 to 17 hands high.

The body color of Brabant Horse

Traditionally, the Brabant horse is seen in red roan with black points or chestnut. Sometimes it is found in colors like bay, brown, dun, or gray.

The Temperament of Brabant Horse

The Brabant horse is bold and energetic. It is willing and good-tempered.

Uses of Brabant Horse

At a point in time, the Brabant horse was used as a war horse. It has gained name and fame as a gaming horse, show horse, and even trail riding horse. It is used as a working animal.

It is said variously that the Brabant Horse is a descendant of the large horse of the Quaternary period or that it is a descendant of the Ardennais or both (both are quite possible). It is also said that the Brabant was employed by Caesar and that it was a medieval Great Horse, which was certainly true of its ancestors, even though the Great Horse of Belgium might not closely resemble the Brabant of today.

War horses were bred in both Brabant and Flanders during the Middle Ages and were probably closely related if not identical, though it is the name Flanders Horse. There is no horse of that name today. In the centuries after the Reformation; some attempt was made to alter the Brabant by the introduction of various foreign bloodlines, but as this was not considered to effect improvement, Belgian breeders soon began with their work.

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