Build Horse Barn Plans

A building made for shelter and feeding of a horse is known as a horse barn. Barn is also a place to store livestock and hay. The horse barn plan is not easy. But it is also not a difficult task to perform.

When you build a house barn for your horse consider things like area, air, height, ventilation, lighting, and hygienic conditions. Take care of these things while constructing a horse barn. It will keep your horse healthy, happy, and comfortable.

Tips to build horse barn plans:

  • Plan according to your need. The barn should be large enough for your horse to stay. The barn should be safe, and properly ventilated. It should be well-drained and comfortable in all other circumstances. Work on the basic requirement of the plan. Consider the look and measurements.
  • The next step will be to gather all the required materials to set up a horse barn. Choose a favorable site for the barn. You can put concrete on the floor. It will help you to keep your barn clean. Concrete flooring in horse barn will save you time while sweeping. The concrete also prevents horses from digging a hole in the barn. Barn can also be done off the earth to save money.
  • The most ideal place for a horse barn plan will be 12 feet wide and 12 feet deep in size.
  • A horse barn should be placed on one side and the area on the other side should be utilized for the storage of food and other required work.
  • Place the entrance at one end and exit at the other end. The horse barn area should be big enough for the horse to feel comfortable. It should allow the horse to move in his place.
  • Horse barns should be at least 6 inches higher than the ground. It helps you to clean the floor more easily and avoid replicating the dirt. Earthen floors are more comfortable for horses than cement ones since it reduces a lot of drainage problems. Concrete ones are easier to clean and horses will not be able to dig holes in the floor.
  • The partition between the two horse stalls should be placed from the ceiling. There should be short fencing around the barn. Fencing will help you and your horse to go out and come into the barn easily.
  • There should be a place in the horse barn to put a tray or container of grain (food) and a bucket of water.
  • There should be proper doors in the horse barn. The door should allow fresh air to come in and go out. Proper ventilation is very important for the health of horses.
  • The proper lighting should be provided in the horse barn. The bulb should be placed at the top of the walls.
  • Place a window at the top of the barn. The horse will not be able to pop out of the window. The window on the top will prevent the horse from getting hurt and panicking.
  • You can create a storage room in the horse barn. Here you can process other activities of horses like shoeing, grooming, and stall cleaning.
  • Also, you can have some space in the horse barn to store sandals and other riding equipment.
  • These above-mentioned points explain how to build a horse barn plan. The horse barn plays a very important role in the life of the horse.

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