Calabrese Horse

The Calabrese horse originated in Italy. The breed continues to be developed to date with the infusions of blood from horse breeds such as Andalusian, Arabian, and Thoroughbred. This horse breed has a full-of-life and docile disposition and is uncomplicated to be trained. In the present scenario, the Calabrese Horse is somewhat rare outside the area of Calabria in the southern part of Italy which is its native place. In the following piece of writing, a good deal of information is harmonized about it.

History of Calabrese Horse

The Calabrese horse has derived its name from the region where it was developed. It was developed in the Calabria region of southern Italy. As this horse is a descendant of horses bred in Italy, before Rome was founded, this horse breed has a long history. The characteristics that are seen at present, began to evolve during the Bourbon period. These characteristics were the result of the crossing of Arabian and Andalusian blood. From the Middle Ages to the 18th century, the breed saw a decline because the interest in breeding was shifted to the mules. The breed was revived from the mid part of the 18th century to that of the 19th century. During this period new Arabian and Andalusian blood was introduced.

Again there was a decline in the breed when a decree caused the studs to close and thus much of the stock for breeding split up. In the 20th century, the breeding of the Calabrese was started again. Arabian, Thoroughbred, Hackney, and Andalusian blood was introduced. To improve performance and add to the breed’s physique Thoroughbred blood was used. To maintain the enhancement and exclusively oriental characteristics of this breed; Arabian blood continues to be added.

Physique of Calabrese Horse

The Calabrese horse has a rather small, alert, and refined head with a straight or slightly compact body. Its neck is well-shaped and muscular. Its withers are prominent and its shoulders are strong and sloping. The chest is deep and broad. The horse has a straight back and the hindquarters are muscular and sloping. The legs are powerfully built with strapping tendons and well-formed hooves.

Height of Calabrese Horse

The Calabrese horse usually stands 16 to 16.2 hands high.

The body color of Calabrese Horse

The coat of the Calabrese Horse can be brown, black, bay, chestnut, or grey.

The temperament of Calabrese Horse

The Calabrese horses are generally lively and active. They are still convenient in terms of temperament.

As far as the use of Calabrese horses is concerned, it is usually used for riding horses. It has proved to be a good Saddle horse and is suitable for equestrian tourism and is very appropriate for jumping. It is brawny, resistant, and fast and is gifted with great balance. Though this horse is not typically identified as a sporting horse or a horse meant for show jumping, the conformation, and personality make the Calabrese horse a good contender for training in dressage, crucial equitation-type events, and pleasure riding as well.

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