Horse Breeds

Tersky Horse

Origin: USSR — Stavropol region. Height: Average 15hh. Color: Gray. Character: Kind, intelligent, enduring. Physique: Three types exist, light, medium, and thickset. Elegant, medium-sized head with a straight face, large, liquid eyes, and longish, pricked ears. Long, well-carried neck set on good shoulders; prominent withers, a longish back with strong loins, good hindquarters with a high-set tail. Legs fine, and ...

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Tennesse Walking Horse

Origin: United States. Height: 15-16hh. Color: All solid colors. Character: Docile, kind, willing, and gay. Physique: Plain head with prick ears, nobly carried on a firm, arched neck. Strong, sloping shoulder with a broad chest. Broad, powerful body with strong loins and hindquarters. Clean, hard legs. Abundant mane and tail, usually worn long and full, and artificially high tail carriage. ...

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Tchneran Horse

Origin: Iran. Height: About 15hh. Color: Any solid color. Character: Spirited, willing, active, enduring, docile. Physique: Alert, elegant. head with the large, liquid eye, carried gaily on an arched neck. Good, sloping shoulder, prominent withers; compact body, with good loins and strong hindquarters. Hard legs and feet. Action straight and airy. A tough little horse, possessing both courage and stamina. ...

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Origin: France.Limousin Height: Average 16hh. Color: Solid colors – chestnut and bay are the most usual. Description: Limousin is one of the fine half-breed horses of France that are popular among horse lovers. It is the specialty of France when it comes to horse rearing. Numerous forms of horse breeds are categorized as per the size of the horse or ...

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Kabardin Horse

The Kabardin horse is among the extreme breeds of Russia as this horse is meant for living under extreme conditions. The Kabardin horse survives in the most intricate mountain terrain such as at sky-scraping altitudes, undeterred by snow and Fast Rivers. It is a tractable and submissive animal, being both robust and noticeably enduring. It can be said without a ...

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