Comtois Horse

Origin: France – Franche-Comte.

Height: 14.3-15.3hh.

Color: Solid colors – the bay is the commonest, then chestnut.

Character: Courageous, active, kind, and willing.

Physique: Light draught horse with a large head, straight neck, good front, and withers. Girth deep, back long and straight, hindquarters strong; legs well-made with good bone, though showing a tendency to sickle hocks, Feather is comparatively light, mane and tail thick. It is hardy and sure-footed.

Reared in the rugged hill country of the Franco-Swiss borderland, this 202 horse has developed a quick and lively action unusual in a heavy breed. Like all mountain horses, it is sure-footed and active, and it is no doubt owing to the combination of these qualities with its strength and good disposition that it was valued as a military horse from the Middle Ages onwards. It is said to have been brought to the Franche-Comte region as early as the 6th century.

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