Danubian Horse

The Danubian horse which is also known by the name of Dunav or Danube horse is a horse of mild temperament having solid conformation and light gaits. It inhabits mainly the Dunav Valley or the Danube. Throughout these years, the Danubian horse has been widely used as a horse meant for farm work but now it is not much used in this form.

The main objective of breeding this horse has shifted towards the creation of an animal that is more athletic and thus, the addition of Thoroughbred blood has been made to it. The Danubian horse does not ask for a highly nutritious diet and thus, low nutrition and management necessities make this horse a very valuable one.

History of Danubian Horse

The Danubian Horse is a Bulgarian breed. This breed was fashioned in the year 1924. The development took place at G. Dimitrov Stud which is located close to Pleven. Cross-breeding of Nonius stallions with half-bred mares resulted in Danubian Horse. During some past decades, in the breeding process for the Danubian horses, many thoroughbreds were incorporated. This brought forth the consequence of stock of much higher quality than before. It would not be wrong if it is said that the Danubian horse received a competitive edge over the thoroughbreds.

Physique of Danubian Horse

The Danubian horse is blessed with a strong and compact body. It is a handsome animal with a neat and expressive head. The head is well-set on a strapping neck. It has massive shoulders. This horse has powerful hindquarters with a tail set on rather high. The legs are comparatively slender for the bulk of the body. The bones are hard and dense. The general effect is power and vigor without coarseness. Its constitution is very impressive and its size is compact.

Height of Danubian Horse

The height of the Danubian horse ranges from about 15.2 hands high to 16 hands high.

Body Color of Danubian Horse

The body of the Danubian horse is found to be covered in either black, dark chestnut, or bay color.

The Temperament of Danubian Horse

As far as the temperament of the Danubian horse is concerned, it is an active, docile, indomitable, and energetic horse.

Uses of Danubian Horse

The Danubian horse is hard-working. Thus, it is used as a workhorse and extensively used for farm work. This horse can pull gargantuan weights. It is also a good saddle horse and an excellent jumper.

The Danubian horse is a 20th-century product of the State stud near Pleven. It was developed from Nonius stallions crossed with Anglo-Arab mares. It is a surprise that it seems to be thought of mainly as a draught horse. Though maybe this is not so odd because its dense, muscular body can pull comparatively enormous weights and its aristocratic bloodlines give it the willpower to triumph.

The Danubian horse does not have pretensions toward being a horse meant for competition or performance as it has been produced as a horse for general riding and light draft purposes. The best part is that this horse is very easy to be maintained.

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