Darashouri Horse

The Darashouri horse belongs to Iran, particularly to the province of Fars. This horse is also known by the name of Darashouli. The origins of this horse breed are shrouded in mystery. As far as the action of this horse is concerned, it is a surefooted horse. It seems that it is having springs in its legs. The horse is an extremely handsome one and carries aristocracy in its gait.

Darashouri can be a light saddle as well as a swift horse. A lot of information about this horse of regal appearance is not available but whatever is known describes the versatility of this horse from Iran. In the following piece of writing, you can find a rich description of this horse which is derived from standard documents.

Origin of Darashouri Horse

It is said that the Darashouri horse has seen its origin in Persian Arabian blood. Darashouri horse is a lightweight saddle horse. Its conformation is excellent and refined. Formal breeding programs are not available so, the conformation of this horse varies and there is some dilution in the original characteristics of the Darashouri horse breed.

Physical Characteristics of Darashouri Horse

Darashouri is a lightweight saddle horse and also a fast one. The ears are tightly pricked and scimitar-type. The eyes are generous and the neck of this horse is splendidly arched. The coat of this horse is splendid, silky, and fine. The Darashouri horse carries a plumed tail. This horse is of excellent conformation and is similar to the Arab horse in appearance and action. This is an elegant and tough horse.

Height of Darashouri Horse

On average the Darashouri horse grows to a height of 15 hands high.

Body Color of Darashouri Horse

Darashouri horse wears a coat of chestnut, bay, brown or gray color. Occasionally, the coat of this horse is black. This beautiful coat adds attraction to the eye-catching appearance of this horse.

The temperament of Darashouri Horse

As far as the temperament of the Darashouri horse is concerned, it is an intelligent, spirited, friendly, and docile horse. This horse is gifted with good stamina and is courageous as well. The wonderful combination of intelligence, stamina, and calm nature makes it a favorite of all.

Uses of Darashouri Horse

The Darashouri horse is believed to make first-rate mountain horses. It is considered to be a good riding horse.

The Darashouri horse is a horse of medium build. This horse has an uncertain origin. Its appearance suggests that it carries oriental blood. This horse is bred in Iran as a horse for the general purpose of riding. Riding this horse is a dynamic experience. Other than carrying oriental blood, the horse carries some Arabian characteristics as well.

The Darashouri horse is by and large kept in centers of Iran such as Fars and Esfahan. The horse is a masterpiece whether in terms of elegance, beauty, stylishness, or uses. Take good care of it and you can be a proud owner of this handsome horse for a long time.

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