East Bulgaria Horse

The East Bulgarian Horse breed earned great fame throughout its native country-Bulgaria on account of its qualities especially, in East Bulgaria. At present, several farms are making sincere efforts to boost recognition of this South European breed of horse. East Bulgarian Horse carries a great influence on horse breeds such as Anglo-Arabians, English half-breeds, Arabians, and Thoroughbreds. Officially, the East Bulgarian Horse was accepted as a breed in the year 1951. As you proceed to read this piece of writing, you will find ample information about East Bulgarian Horse.

History of East Bulgarian Horse

In medieval Bulgaria, horse breeding was very imperative. In 1396, when Bulgaria was conquered by Ottoman Empire, horse breeding suffered from marginalization for five hundred years. Methodical work for the development of horse breeding was resumed during 1877-78 when liberation followed Russo-Turkish War. The entire country experienced this strategic improvement. Locally originated mares were crossed with stallions of different breeds. It resulted in fashioning the breed of East Bulgarian Horse.

Origin of East Bulgarian Horse

At the end of the 19th century, the breeding of the East Bulgarian Horse occurred at the Vassil Kolarov state farm near Shumen and Stefan Karadja, the State stud in Dobrudja. The breed was set in the first part of the 20th century and since then only Thoroughbred blood has been added. As with many of the European warmbloods, it is expected to work for agriculture as well as under saddle. Selective breeding for the performance of all kinds has made it extremely versatile, though its greatest aptitude is for sport.

The physique of East Bulgarian Horse

East Bulgarian Horse has a neat and attractive head with a straight face. It has good, sloping shoulders, a roomy chest, and deep girth. It has a longish body with well-sprung ribs, a straight back, and good loins. Its hindquarters are muscular; its legs are clean and of good bone. It is an elegant saddle horse. An obvious Anglo-Arab look of predominantly Thoroughbred type can be seen in its appearance. It is hardy, active, and a good mover.

Height of East Bulgarian Horse

East Bulgarian Horse commonly stands 15.3 to 16 hands high.

Body Color of East Bulgarian Horse

The coat of the East Bulgarian Horse is typically chestnut, bay, or black.

The Temperament of East Bulgarian Horse

East Bulgarian Horse is considered to be an Ideal saddle horse. It is active, intelligent, and good-natured. It is quiet and at the same time an energetic horse.

Uses of East Bulgarian Horse

The East Bulgarian Horses are largely put into use for under saddle, light draft work. These horses are well-matched for a wide range of competitive sports like eventing.

East Bulgarian Horse excels at dressage and eventing and has also the guts and stamina to take part in international steeple chasing. As a chaser it lacks the turn of foot of the Thoroughbred and cannot fairly compete with it; but on tricky endurance courses such as that of the famous Grand Pardubice in Czechoslovakia, where two-thirds of the 41 miles is run on the plow and the 31fences include every conceivable kind of obstacle, the handiness and level-headedness of the East Bulgarian put it well on terms with its faster, flightier rival.

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