East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse is a quality saddle or carriage horse. It is similar to the Oldenburg horse. Today, the old East Friesian horse is nowhere to be found. The East Friesian horse we see these days was originally found in the Federal Republic of Germany. This is a commanding horse having high-stepping action. In the present day, these horses are mostly bred in black color.

Origin of East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse is believed to be originated in East Germany. It was developed from a broad diversity of bloodlines, from England to Spain to Turkey to Poland. This new breed was fashioned because of the need to have a modern horse that could meet the needs of equestrian sporting that were constantly growing. In the process of breeding, this new horse breed Norman, Cleveland Bay, and Arabian blood was also added. The infusion of Hanoverian genes helped in refining this breed all the more.

Until the division of Germany at the end of World War II the East Friesian and the Oldenburg were the same. Horses from the provinces of Oldenburg and East Friesland were regularly exchanged and interbred. For the last three decades, this free exchange has not been so easy and the East Friesian has developed along rather different lines from its sibling.

Arabian blood from the stud at Marbach, West Germany, and Hungarian Arab from Babolna have helped to refine the East Friesian’s body, reduce its height and improve its formerly somewhat plain head. More recently, Hanoverian stallions have added compactness and strength to the breed.

Physical Characteristics of East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse looks like the Oldenburg horse but the former has a more refined head and a somewhat lighter frame. Its head is well-shaped with a straight profile. It has a long and slightly arched neck. The eyes are generous. The back of this horse is straight and long. The chest of this horse is profound and broad. The legs of this horse have clean joints with good bone structure.

Height of East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse stands to the height of about 16-16.2 hands high.

Body Color of East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse can be found in any solid color. Especially grey, chestnut, bay, or black are the colors that are found most often.

The temperament of East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse is bold, spirited, and kind, and has an excellent riding temperament. This is a willing and tough horse.

Uses of East Friesian Horse

The East Friesian horse is frequently used for eventing. It is also used as a show horse and a pleasure horse. It is also sometimes used for light farm work.

The East Friesian horse is unproblematic to work with and full of life. The East Friesian horse of today is a descendant of one of the warmblood European breeds. About a century back, the East Friesian horse was almost extinct. In the present day, the East Friesian is a prospering breed. The credit goes to the tireless efforts of some people who admire this splendid horse breed.

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