Einsiedler Horse

Origin: Switzerland.

Height: Roughly 15.3-16.2hh.

Color: Any solid color. Bay and chestnut are the most common.

Character: A bold, active horse, intelligent and tractable, and of good disposition. Very versatile.

Physique: Strongly-built lightweight of the Anglo-Norman type. Generally good conformation, with powerful shoulders and hindquarters. Action free and straight. Because of its versatility, the Einsiedler is in popular demand with the Swiss cavalry, as is its close relation to the Anglo-Norman (the Einsiedler is sometimes known as the Swiss Anglo-Norman). It is at once a good jumper, often capable of competing at the international level, an adept dressage mount and all-around saddle animal, an outstanding trotter, and a good harness and light agricultural horse.

The horse is named for the Benedictine abbey of Einsiedeln, where records of a stud trace back to 1064. Einsiedlers appear regularly throughout Swiss history, though the breed has fluctuated in type. The modernEinsiedler stems to some extent from imported Hackney horses, but its main influence of change has been the Anglo-Norman.

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