Falabella Horse

Origin: Argentina.

Height: Under 7hh.

Color: All colors.

Character: Friendly and intelligent, ideal as a pet.

The Falabella is the smallest horse in the world. It takes its name from the Falabella family, who developed it on their ‘Recreo de Roca Ranch’ near Buenos Aires. The breed is descended from a small Thoroughbred owned by the family, and has been inbred to the smallest Shetlands; but, though the Falabella is less than a century old, no records of its early development exist and its precise origins will never be known.

It is a hardy miniature horse, full of character, and is popular in North America as a harness pony and as a pet. Extreme downgrading in size has caused it to lose much of its physical strength, and it cannot be regarded as a serious riding pony. Any color is acceptable in the breed, though modern breeders are tending to concentrate on Appaloosa markings.

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