Fell Horse

Origin: England – Westmorland and Cumberland.

Height: 13-14hh.

Color: Usually black; occasionally bay, brown, or gray. White markings, especially on legs, where are considered undesirable.

Character: Lively, alert pony; an excellent ride and also, because strong and untiring, a good work pony.

Physique: Alert head, carried high, with short, pricked ears. Good, sloping shoulder.

Muscular body with well-sprung ribs and strong loins.Strong, sloping hindquarters. Thick mane and tail, gay tail carriage. Hard, strong legs with some feathers. Feet hard and round. It has a smooth, fast trot which it can keep up for many miles. Very hardy.

This all-purpose pony, nowadays almost exclusively used for riding, was92 formerly a harness pony and farm worker in the uplands districts and lead-mines pack pony. In the 17th and 18th centuries pack ponies were used to take lead from the mines to the coast – there were no roads suitable for heavy carts – and the Fell regularly carried 2201b for 30 miles and more day by day. It was also famous as a trotter during the 19th century. It could trot at up to 20 miles an hour for many miles without fatigue. It has great substance.

The Fell appears to stem from the Friesian horses introduced to Britain by the Romans and from the now-extinct Galloway breed of the west Scottish lowlands.

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