Finnish Horse

Finnish horse is descended from two closely-related breeds, the Finnish Universal and the Finnish Draught, which have now merged into one. It is also known as Finnhorse. This horse is a native of Finland. This horse is one of the fastest and most resourceful in the world regarding draught horse breeds. Though, it remains a controversial matter whether the breed is truly a draught horse or not.

It is learned from a variety of sources that the Finnish Horse has been categorized as a heavy warmblood, a light draught, and a universal type. In its local land, it is not considered to be a warmblood. Finnish breeds were derived from a mixture of many warm and cold-blood imports which were crossed with the indigenous forest pony.

History of Finnish horse

Finnish horse falls in the category of general horse breeds as it carries the influence of both warm blood and heavier draft blood. The stud book was founded in 1907. An order passed in 1924 commanded to divide of its breeding into two branches- one heavy working horse for forestry work and another one for the light type of work such as racing, riding, etc.

The contemporary stock has been fashioned from the local pony population crossed with both cold and warm-blood breeds. In the year 1971, the riding type of Finnish horse was given a different branch of the studbook and since that time it has had its program in all kinds of riding competitions.

The physique of the Finnish horse

Finnish horse has medium head with kind eyes and prick ears on short, strong necks. Its shoulder is hard, somewhat upright, good chest and deep girth. This horse has a round barrel with broad, strong loins and quarters. Legs are short and well-proportioned, with good bone and short pasterns. There is a light feather on the heels. It possesses a thick mane and tail. In all, it is a robust, long-lived horse with a straight action. It also makes an excellent trotter.

Body Color of Finnish Horse

The color of the body of Finnish horses is chiefly chestnut. Often white markings are also found on its face and legs. Colors also seen are gray, bay, and in rarer cases black or brown can also be seen.

Height of Finnish Horse

Finnish horse reaches a height of 14.3 to 15.2 hh.

The Temperament of Finnish Horse

Finnish horse is easy to be handled. Its nature is calm, compliant, even-tempered, lively, and patient.

Priority in Finland has traditionally been given to judging a horse by its performance, regardless of its appearance or its breeding. The Finnish horse that has evolved using this attitude is an all-rounder with very special qualities of strength, speed, courage, stamina, and sweet nature. It is used for hauling timber, as an all-purpose farm horse, competes in trotting races (trotters are specially bred), and makes a quiet and pleasant ride.

This unique horse is an outstanding mount in riding schools, for both young and adult riders. Finnish Horse has won laurels in riding competitions, in show jumping. This horse breed is also gifted in dressage. Truly, the Finnish horse is a universal horse.

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