Fjord Pony

Origin: Norway.

Height: 13-14.2hh.

Color: All shades of dun, characteristically cream or yellow, with dorsal stripes and often stripes on forelegs and thighs. Mane and tail are black and silver, the central ridge of the mane being dark and the outside hairs light-colored.

Character: Hardworking, tireless, gentle, sociable, and self-willed.Physique: Smallish, well-shaped head with a broad forehead, wideset eyes, and small ears. Upright mane, characteristically cut on a crescent about 4inhigh at the center, on a short, thick neck that merges into the shoulder without many definitions at the point of join and into the back with almost no visible withers. Their body was immensely powerful and muscular with long back and rounded hindquarters. Short, sturdy legs with feathers on the heels, sloping pasterns, and hard, long feet. Sure-footed and extremely hardy.

The Fjord pony is one of the few breeds to have kept its identity recognizable throughout the centuries. It has changed little from the horse the Vikingsbred and used for horse fights, and is still bred all over its ancestral Norwegian homeland. It flourishes throughout the other Scandinavian countries and is especially popular in Denmark, to which it has been exported in quantity during the last century.

It is a stoutly-built, primitive sort of pony, fond of company, and with a great deal of charm in its appearance and personality. It is indispensable in high mountain areas that are too steep or too cold for the tractor or the lorry, and because of this, it seems likely to endure as a working pony. It will pull a plow or a cart, will pack a load on rugged mountain paths, or serve as a pleasant, weight-carrying riding pony; additionally, it is frugal and cheaply fed, indifferent to cold, and endlessly hardworking.

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