Frederiksborg Horse

The Frederiksborg horse is the oldest horse breed in Denmark. The horse was immensely popular throughout the periods of Renaissance and Baroque and was considered a luxury. Great quality is exhibited by these horses and good uniformity is seen among them. Its conformation and type were quite ahead of their time. For breeding, stallions and mares have to undergo studbook inspections to ensure the good quality of this horse breed.

History of Frederiksborg Horse

The Frederiksborg horse bears an old and noble name. It has its roots in the Royal Frederiksborg Stud, which was founded in 1562 by King Frederick II and was at the time the leading establishment for the provision of school horses to European royal stables. The stock of horses largely consisted of Andalusian and Neapolitan.

They were trained in the high school airs and performed brilliantly both under saddle and as carriage horses. Demand for the newly-created Frederiksborg to improve other breeds was high for several centuries, so much so that the stud was dissolved in 1839 because there were not enough horses left to breed from.

The connection of the modern Frederiksborg horse with the old breed is tenuous. Fortunately, there were enough Frederiksborg horses left in Denmark after the short-sighted closure of 1839 for the breed to be continued, but much outside blood was needed to build up the numbers. In 1923 the breed began to be registered again and since then it has flourished and is now widespread throughout Denmark. It is an excellent light draught or harness horse and is also in use under saddle.

Physique of Frederiksborg Horse

The head of Frederiksborger’s horse is somewhat plain. Its face is often convex but its eyes are intelligent and its general expression is that of alertness. Its head is carried well on his strong neck. It has huge and extremely powerful shoulders and a big chest. It possesses a deep girth with a rounded barrel and broad back. Its loins and hindquarters are strong and muscled. It has good legs with plenty of bone and hocks that well let down.

Height of Frederiksborg Horse

Frederiksberg horses most of the time stand to a height of 15.2-16.1 hands high.

The body color of Frederiksborg Horse

The color usually seen on the body of Frederiksborger horses is, by and large, chestnut but these horses have most often bay, grey, and palomino colors as well. Generally, they have sabino-type markings and many of them have rabicano roaring.

The temperament of Frederiksborg Horse

Frederiksberg horses are active, tractable, and willing. These horses are hard workers.

Uses of Frederiksborg Horse

Frederiksberg horses are best in harness and they can contend up to the international levels of combined driving. For amateurs, the Frederiksborger horses prove to be suitable. The reason is that they are not chosen for sensitivity. Some of the Frederiksborger horses are unbeaten in competitive show jumping as well as dressage.

These days the numbers of Frederiksborger horses are low but the lingering examples are gorgeous horses. These horses have powerful and expressive gaits. The best gait is the trot and it is ostentatious with a long stride. It walks diligently and openly. A majority of Frederiksborger horses consist of willing jumpers, though compliant horses are less likely to be alarmed about knocking rails. In short, it can be said that this horse is a calm horse having strong, swift, and sweeping action.

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