Freiberger Saddle Horse

The Frieberger Saddle horse is a draft horse that belongs to Switzerland. Breeding for this horse used to be heavily subsidized in its native land. It is its character, versatility, and willingness that makes it appropriate for both driving and riding. It has proved its worth in a wide range of shows and competitions. It matures rapidly into a well-balanced, lively, and composed animal. This quality makes it an easy work companion.

History of Freiberger Saddle Horse

The Frieberger Saddle horse breed was developed by cross-breeding the local Bernese Jura horse with the English Thoroughbred type and Anglo-Norman. In this list, the names of Arabian and Ardennes horses are also included. The Freiberger is based on the old Freiberger cold blood, also called the Franches-Montagnes. It was widely used for agricultural work in Switzerland before mechanization reduced the demand for it, but its elegant appearance indicates that as much as 90% of its parentage is attributable to lightweight warmbloods. A dominant strain in its ancestry, clearly to be seen in its attractive head is the Shagya Arabian horse.

This horse breed has two distinct types: a broader and heavier stamp of the horse which is more muscular and another is lighter and finer. These days, the trend is to develop the lighter type because competitive riding and leisure riding is increasing day by day. Several Frieberger horses have their origin from a stallion which had an amalgamation of Anglo-Norman, English Hunter, and Norfolk Roadster blood. There was another stallion that influenced the Frieberger, which also carried Norman’s blood. These horses are bred at the Avenches stud, the Federal stud, where their breeding is severely regulated.

The physique of Freiberger Saddle Horse

The Frieberger Saddle horse has a medium-sized head which shows definite Arab characteristics. The eyes are big and liquid. It has open nostrils and short, prick ears that are carried nobly on a crested neck. The neck is well-set on good shoulders. It has a deep girth, well-sprung ribs, short back with good loins and quarters. The legs are clean with good bone and short pasterns. The hooves are hard and well-shaped.

Height of Freiberger Saddle Horse

Usually, the Frieberger Saddle horse stands between 14.3 and 15.3 hands high.

Body Color of Freiberger Saddle Horse

Frieberger Saddle horse is found in chestnut or bay color.

The Temperament of Freiberger Saddle Horse

The Frieberger Saddle horse is alert, intelligent, willing, docile, and enduring. It has the temperament of an excellent saddle horse.

Uses of Freiberger Saddle Horse

Frieberger Saddle horses are used for pleasure riding, competitive riding, light draft, and farm work. They are mountain horses and do excellently in hilly and mountainous areas as they are naturally sure-footed and tough. In various cases, they are equipped in a far better way for working this type of land than a tractor. The upland farmers of the Jura region used these horses extensively. They are also well-liked by the Swiss army, who favor them as pack animals and for use during patrols.

The Frieberger Saddle horse is a strong and compact riding horse. It is active and shows stamina and endurance. This is an elegant new breed of the saddle horse. These are very hardy horses. Today, it is found in Italy as well as all over Europe. This horse is the last representative of the European light cold blood horse. They tolerate winters nicely and have earned a reputation for requiring minimum medical protection.

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