French Trotter

French Trotter is an attractive horse and has great speed, power, and endurance. It is also known as the Demi-Sang Trotter and Norman Trotter. The horse derives the name ‘Norman Trotter’ from the place of its origin-Normandy, France. The genetics of the French Trotter is possibly the most closely tied to the Old Norman Horse of all the French breeds. Trotting soon became a popular sport in France and by the middle of the 19th century, it was widespread throughout much of Europe and the United States. The French Trotter is a superb choice for trotting as it can trot almost as fast as a thoroughbred can gallop.

History of French Trotter

French Trotter is developed from Norfolk Trotter, Normandy, English Thoroughbred, and some Standardbred bloodlines. The breeding of the French Trotter started in the early part of the 19th century. With the increase of interest in trotting, the breeding of fast trotters grew continuously. Family breeders do the breeding of fast trotters along with their training on smaller farms. Here stress is laid on selective breeding. Horses allowed to be registered and bred have to undergo thorough testing. The reason is that these animals are accurately bred to trot. French Trotter became a renowned breed in 1922.

Physique of French Trotter

French Trotter is a tall, lightweight horse of good conformation. It has a neat, alert head. The shoulders are strong and inclined to be straight. It has a deep chest and prominent withers. The body of this horse is well-coupled with a strong, straight back and muscular and sloping hindquarters. The breastbone of this horse is prominent and its croup is long and wide. The legs are long and very hard with rather short canon bones and a hock is well let down.

Height of French Trotter

On average, French Trotter stands at a height of about 16.2 hands high.

Body Color of French Trotter

The French Trotter can be found in black, bay, brown, or chestnut color.

The temperament of French Trotter

French Trotter is a tough, quiet, willing, intelligent, and competitive horse.

Uses of French Trotter

The French Trotter has great expertise in both ridden and driven trotting races. It maintains a predominantly balanced and level stride. It is also used for racing under saddle, in harness, and for the sport of skijoring (a race on the snow where the driver is on the skies behind the horse). These horses are also used for breeding saddle horses. They are also used as leisure mounts.

French Trotter is a bigger breed than is usual in a trotting horse. This is because some of the French trotting races are run under the saddle instead of in the shafts and the French horse must be capable of carrying weights of up to 160 lbs over quite long distances. From 5,000-6,000, trotting races are nowadays held annually in France. The biggest race is the Prix d’Amerique at Vincennes, which is a contest of international class. It is worth mentioning that the breed of the French Trotter has remained pure.

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