Galiceno Horse

Origin: Mexico.

Height: 12-13.2hh.

Color: Bay, black, sorrel, dun, gray.

Character: Highly intelligent, versatile, brave, and gentle.

Physique: Built like a small, compact, narrow horse. Intelligent head with a bold eye; narrow chest, and often upright shoulder; short, straight back; legs fine and hard and long in the gaskin; small, well-shaped feet. They have a natural running walk, and a fast gait unusual in a pony.

Ancestors of this small horse are thought to have come from Galicia, in Spain, possibly among the 16 horses that landed on the American mainland when Cortes invaded Mexico from Cuba, and probably of the Garrano or Minhobreed. Refinement to its present type is thought to owe more to natural evolution than to selective breeding by man.

It is used for ranch work and light transport, and its alert and kind disposition has led it to excel in competitions. It is quick to learn, is hardy, and has stamina. It was first imported into the United States, where it is widely popular, as recently as 1959.

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