Garrano Horse

Origin: Portugal – Garrano do M inho and Traz dos Montes.

Height: 10-12hh.

Color: Usually dark chestnut.

Physique: Light-framed pony of excellent conformation. Abundant maneand tail. Strong, surefooted, and extremely hardy.

The Garrano, also known as the Minho, is by far the commonest pony breed in Portugal. Bred in the rich mountain pastures of the provinces Garrano do Minho and Traz dos Montes, and sometimes carrying Arab blood in its pedigree, it is a pony of great quality and is much in demand for riding and pack work. It is a historic breed that has survived relatively unchanged for thousands of years. Paleolithic cave paintings of the Garranostill exist; much later is it said to have provided one of the many foundation bloodlines of the Andalusian horse. Quality Garranos are a specialty of the famous horse fairs at Vila Realand Famalicao.

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