Gelderland Horse

Origin: Holland – Gelderland.

Height: Usually 15.2-16hh; occasionally taller.

Color: Solid colors. Chestnut and gray are the commonest.

Character: Docile, good-natured, and very active.

Physique: Somewhat plain head with convex face and intelligent expression, carried gaily on the strong, arched neck. Good shoulders. Compact, strong body, broad and deep. Powerful hindquarters, with tail set on high and held with the exaggerated carriage. Legs short and strong, with short cannon bones and hocks, well let down. Round, hard feet. Stylish action, typical of a good carriage horse.

This attractive breed stems from a variety of sources, notably Andalusian, Norman, and Norfolk Roadster. During the last century Hackney, Olden-burg, East Friesian, and Anglo-Norman blood has been introduced and the best of the offspring interbred in an intelligent campaign to fix a new breed.

The Gelderland makes a first-class carriage horse, combining presence, good conformation, and attractive, showy action. It is also capable of light agricultural work. It is a pleasant horse to ride, and its power and thrust have proved it to be an above-average showjumper.

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