Greek Ponies

SKYROS: Greece’s smallest pony, the Skyros, stands at 9.1-11hh. It comes from the island of Skyros, where it is used as a pack pony and for light agricultural work. On the mainland, it is more commonly used as a riding pony for young children. It is a finely-built breed of great antiquity, often cow-hocked and with upright shoulders, and its most common colors are dun, brown, and gray.

PIN DOS: Pindos ponies, bred in the mountains and foothills of Thessaly and Epirus, stand 12-13hh and are used for riding and light agricultural tasks. They are strong, hardy mountain ponies, light in build, and of Oriental origin. They are often gray or maybe dark in color. Pindos mares are frequently used to breed mules.

PENEIA: Peneia, in the Peloponnese, has its breed of pony which is used for farm work and as a pack pony. It is of Oriental type, a lightweight pony that does well on the poor fare is a willing worker and is extremely hardy. Peneia ponies range from 10-14hh and come in most colors, brown, bay, chestnut, and gray being the most common. The stallions are often used for breeding hinnies.

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