Hackney Horse

The Hackney Horse is a reputed and identified horse breed that has Great Britain as its native land. Since the year 1883, this breed is fortunate enough as a studbook is maintained for it. The credit for maintaining the studbook goes to the Hackney Horse Society. The headquarters of this society is in Norwich, England. Latest decades have witnessed the breeding of the Hackney horse being directed towards the production of horses that are best for carriage driving. Their great stamina has made them all the more popular. Hackney Horse has established itself as an effortless and metrical canter.

History of Hackney Horse

The Hackney Horse breed originated in the 14th century. At this time the King of England felt the necessity of breeding powerful and attractive horses with a superb trot so that the outcome of the breeding can be used as riding horses. The 18th and 19th centuries in Britain witnessed the development of the modern Hackney Horse.

The early breeding efforts produced two earlier breeds- the Norfolk Trotter and the closely-related Norfolk Trotter or Yorkshire Roadster. These breeds are now extinct. These breeds laid the foundation of a horse for general purposes which are formally recognized today as the Hackney Horse. At present, a hackney is available in both pony and horse sizes and is amongst the few breeds that identify both pony and horse sizes.

The physique of Hackney Horse

Hackney Horse has a neat head with a straight face. It has large and intelligent eyes and short prick ears. These features are carried high and with pride on an arched, muscled neck and strong shoulders with prominent withers. It has well-sprung ribs and muscular and rounded hindquarters. It has strong and straight legs with flexible joints and short pasterns. Its feet are not only neat and round but also hard. The feet are rather small. Its tail is set on high and carried high. In the United States, the muscles of the dock are often nicked to induce an artificially high carriage.

Height of Hackney Horse

Usually Hackney Horse grows to the height of 14.3-.15.3 hands high in Great Britain and 14.2-16 hands high in the USA but at times these horses can be taller.

Body Color of Hackney Horse

The coat of Hackney Horse is usually found to be black, bay, brown, chestnut, or occasionally roan.

The temperament of Hackney Horse

This horse is an alert one. It is vigorous and full of life and spirit. The Hackney horse is distinguished by its proud and graceful carriage and by its attractively flamboyant paces. Even at a standstill, it holds itself with great presence; at a walk, it moves with a springing, airy step. At a trot, the forelegs are drawn up high with sharply-bent knees and thrown well forward with a ground-covering stride.

The hind legs move in a similar exaggerated action, being propelled well forward under the body. The action should be straight and true, with a tiny pause of each foot in mid-air which almost makes it appear to float. Today, it is widely used in the show ring. It is tremendously successful in harnesses to date and can also create excellent riding horses. Many of them are known for their ability in dressage competitions and show jumping.

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