Haflingers Horse

Haflingers horse is an old horse breed. This old horse breed owes its origin to the Austrian Tyrol Mountains. It gels easily to quickly become a unique member of the family. Haflingers’ horses are strong and sturdy. This horse breed is capable enough for doing the work of much larger horses and still, it does not demand a higher level of care and maintenance. It is easy to keep this horse and it lives a long life. Being a pretty sturdy horse, it is less fearful and is particularly suited for horse owners who are doing horse-keeping for the very first time. It is also a good horse to be mounted by children. Go through the following lines to be well acquainted with this horse.

History of Haflinger Horse

The Haflingers Horse has taken its name from the Hafling village. It was part of Austria before World War I saw an end. This village is now located in Italy. The present-day Haflingers’ beginning can be traced to the year 1874. It was in the year 1958 when Haflingers Horse came to North America. The credit for importing this horse breed from Austria goes to Tempel Smith of Tempel Farms, Wadsworth, Illinois.

He did so to commence a breeding program along with his imported Lippizzan horses. Soon, the import of Haflingers Horse was started by others also, and at present, there are numerous breeders and importers of this horse breed throughout the United States and Canada. Haflingers Horse is mostly imported from Austria, its native country but it is also imported from Italy, Holland, Germany, and England.

Physique of Haflingers Horse

Haflinger horse possesses a medium-sized head with a pointed muzzle. Its eyes are kind and alert. It has open nostrils and small ears. Its body is well-muscled with a wide chest and deep-girthed, long, broad back, strong loins, and quarters. Its legs are short with plenty of bone. The feet it possesses are round and hard.

Height of Haflinger Horse

As far as height is concerned, Haflinger Horse grows to about 14 hh.

Body Color of Haflinger Horse

You will find Haflingers Horse always in chestnut color. It also appears in shades ranging from light gold to a rich golden chestnut. At times, it occurs in liver hue. The color of its tail and mane is flaxen or white.

The Temperament of Haflingers Horse

This horse is docile, adaptable, frugal, and hardworking. It has a friendly and willing attitude and pleases people easily. It is intelligent and easy to be trained.

Haflinger’s horse is reared on pastures. It is left to mature until it is four years old before it has something to do with its reputed ability. Certainly, this horse breed has extremely long lives and is found to live for 40 years. It is exceedingly strong in the limbs, heart, and lungs. It is a marvelous mountain horse, splendid for riding as well as for harness and pack work, being sure-footed and tireless. A lot of times; trainers have reported that a Haflingers Horse just peacefully looks at you when a horse of another breed would have bolted.

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