Holstein Horse


Holstein Horse

The Holstein horse is a classy horse that looks modish. The horse is renowned for its vigorous paces and influential action.

This horse has proved itself as an outstanding competitor and is an expert in show jumping, dressage, and driving.  It has its origin in Germany. This horse is also known by the name of Holsteiner. This is the oldest of the German warm-blood horse breeds. It is well-loved for its brilliance in show jumping and cross-country competitions. They perfectly suit for covering long distances and that too at a high level of activity. These horses possess immense strength and sensibility.

History of Holstein Horse

The Holstein horse has derived its name from the Schleswig – Holstein region in Germany. Originally, these horses were used as carriage horses because of their power, energy, and their beauty added to the reason. Later they were used as military mounts. The thoroughbred blood was added to the breed. This addition led to the development of a lighter and more athletic horse.

The physique of Holstein Horse

Holstein horse is a somewhat heavily built horse. It has an intelligent head on a strong neck. Its shoulders and chest are powerful. The withers are prominent and the girth is deep. Its body is compact, well-ribbed-up with good hindquarters. The legs are rather short with abundant bone.

Height of Holstein Horse

The Holstein horse is as tall as 15.3-16.2 hands high.

Body Color of Holstein Horse

The coat of the Holstein horse is of any of the solid colors. The most common colors are black, bay, and brown.

The temperament of Holstein Horse

The Holstein horse is an intelligent and adaptable animal. It is sweet-natured. Obedience and willingness are its other personality traits. This horse is very resourceful.

Feeding Holstein Horse

It is easy to keep a Holstein horse. A mixture of alfalfa and grass hay makes them do nicely. Regular supplements of minerals and grains make them happier. Being good-natured and adaptable, they are well suited for a pasture setting or a stall. They prefer to stay in a place where they can get chances to socialize with other horses.

Uses of Holstein Horse

The Holstein horse is a multitalented horse. It has proved its excellence in a variety of ways. This horse is widely used in show jumping, dressage, and carriage driving and is far and wide acclaimed as a pleasure horse.

This is a splendid all-around animal. It carries a wonderful combination of power, speed, and flexibility. Its strong hindquarters and hocks have often helped it to achieve inter-national class in the show jumping arena, while its ability to gallop on, its proud carriage, and its amenity to discipline have led to its success in three-day events.

It makes an attractive carriage horse and its versatility has extended in the past to all-around work on the farm (though nowadays this is hardly economic). The Holstein is one of the oldest of the warm-bloods, stemming from the 14th century Marsh Horse, one of the heavy Great Horse types used for medieval warfare. It contains Oriental and Neapolitan blood with liberal 19th and 20th-century additions of Thoroughbred and Cleveland Bay.

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