Horse Behavior Problem

It’s significant for a horse owner to tackle his horse’s behavioral problem. Ample Education and patience are required to deal with your horse’s behavioral problem. The solution to working with the horse’s behavior is to learn and examine how your horse usually reacts. Patience will be your friend to overcome your horse’s behavioral problem.

The basic strange behavioral signs are grabbing a piece of wood, poor social skills, aggressive behavior, biting, hard to catch, Unwillingness, Head shyness, and cribbing. Horse owners can easily overcome these basic problems. However, at times, the situation worsens and needs an outside trainer therefore it is important to monitor your horse’s behavior regularly.

  • Grab a piece of wood: Sometimes horses have a habit to grab a piece of wood in their stall and pull on it. This problem can be escorted by groaning, grunting, huffing, and puffing.
  • Poor social skills: to improve the social networking of your horse horse owners need to spend as much time as they can with their horses. It will make your horse used to being around people.
  • Aggressive behavior: this problem can also be addressed with social skills. Horses usually get aggressive when they don’t get the love and care that they need. So it is significant for horse owners to spend ample time with their horses.
  • Biting: it is the most concerning problem of the horse. Horses can bite other horses or humans. Biting can be done out of pain, fear, anger or to defend them. Mostly there is some reason behind biting, so the horse owner must keep a regular watch on their horse.
  • Hard to catch: This is the worse behavior problem in horses. This problem can occur if the horse doesn’t want to be ridden, does not want to leave the pasture, or from fear. The only way to address this problem is to have good relations with your horse. Spend ample time with your horse this will make your horse used to being around you.
  • Unwillingness: this is one of the common behavioral problems found in horses. The reason behind the unwillingness to lead might be fear from experience or fatigue. Therefore horse owners need to understand what thing is causing unwillingness in their horses. The owner should treat it gently and politely.
  • Head shy: some horses extremely dislike it if a person brushes their head. This is often due to some allergy in their head or the person being rough while brushing. It is the responsibility of the owner to check the problem that is making his horse behave badly.
  • Cribbing: it is when a horse ingests air by grasping a fence and board. It is important to get your horse to stop cribbing as it causes colic. It can be addressed by providing as big a pasture as you can or providing companions to your horse either another horse or goat. Spend ample time training your horse this will help in diverting his mind.

There are lots of horse behavioral problems. The only solution to cure is to understand why the problem is occurring and work with the horse to cure it.

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