Horse Blankets

Horse blankets are the cover that is meant for keeping the horse warm and protected from the wind. A horse blanket is also known as a horse body cover. It is significant for a person to cover their horse with blankets as these would help the horse to withstand different temperatures. These are designed to cover the horse’s body from unwanted materials. They mostly start from the chest and end at the point of the buttock. Horse blankets are of many types they can be lightweight or heavy and are available in different fibers as well.

A horse owner needs to provide the blankets that ensure your horse’s comfort and safety. Horse blankets must fit correctly lest they create problems of their own. The owner should use tape to measure the size of the blanket.

Though there are several types of horse blankets the size of blankets usually ranges from 60 to 84 inches.

The several types of horse blankets are as follows:

Day sheets: These are generally designed of lightweight materials such as acrylic, cotton, or poly-cotton blends and are used to protect the horse in gentle weather and to keep him clean. It is also used for covering the horse in extremely cold weather. These horse sheets are generally permeable.
Turnouts: these are mostly used when the horse is in the field. These are created to control the active outdoor horse. It is used to provide safety from the weather. Since it is available in different weights therefore it can be used in different climates. It is designed from strong materials such as ripstop nylon or polyester.
Anti–sweat sheet: this is used to cool down the horse after exercise. Avoid using it when the horse is in the stall as these sheets are not durable. It is mostly created from cotton or poly–cotton mesh.
Coolers: it is mostly used when a horse has warmed up to keep his muscles warm before the competition. It can also be used after a horse has occupied in physical activity to aid his body cool down to normal temperature. They are usually created of fleece or wool.
Fly sheets: these blankets are manufactured to protect the horse from biting insects during the summer months. It is usually lightweight and allows the horse’s skin to have ventilation while helping as a blockade against horse flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. These blankets are usually made of mesh.

The above-mentioned blankets will help you choose an appropriate blanket for your horse. The need for horse blankets is mostly dependent on the environment where the horse lives. It is significant for the horse owner to have horse blankets if the place where the horse spends time contains insects and mosquitoes. Sometimes washing the horse blanket in the washing machine can spoil your blanket. Therefore horse owners need to read the washing instructions before washing their horse blankets in the washing machine.

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