Horse Breeders

Horse breeders are the person who breeds the horse for commercial purpose. Breeding the horse is the only way of passing all your horse’s characteristics and desirable traits to a newborn foal. Breeding a horse ensures the passing of desirable traits in the breed to the next generation

For horse breeders, horse breeding is a dangerous business but the most rewarding one. Breeding horses involves risk but can be achieved with proper thought and proper planning.

Horse breeders should always register when a horse is born. When the horse becomes older the registration fee increases. Horse registration paper validates and becomes proof for specific ancestral breeds. Many horse breeder organizations also require the registration of horses with them for competitive races or breeding of horses.

For breeding, a horse breeder requires a good horse trainer. The best horse trainer will only help in keeping your horse fit. This will result in the proper breeding of the mare and the desired foal.

Pasture breeding is one of the safest and most common breeding styles for horses. Pasturing should be done properly. During the season, both mare and stallion should be kept together. Pasturing should restrict other animal being interfering while two horses are mating. In this type of natural breeding, there are more chances of conception. It is the best way to leave the mare and stallion for the whole ‘estrus cycle’. For breeding horses there is another method which is known as Artificial insemination. In this method, the whole process of horse breeding is carried out by a professional horse breeding expert.

Responsibilities of Horse breeders

A horse breeder has many responsibilities which they have to perform as a breeder. They are responsible for the housing, breeding, health, and training of all the horses. The horse breeder performs the following task:

  • Maintaining the horse bloodline records.
  • Checking the performance characteristics, appearance, and physical structures of all horses
  • Work on the breeding combination of horses
  • Determining the right mare and stud for mating
  • Work on veterinarians and nutritionists of horse
  • Assist with foaling
  • Select and purchase the perfect horse for the breed
  • Ensure that the horses are performing the proper exercise
  • Giving proper training for competitive sports or race
  • Training the rider, stable, and jockey to manage the horse
  • Supervise the horse equipment as well as facilities
  • Managing all the breeding programs
  • Managing the entire training program

Things which should be noted by horse breeders while breeding a horse:

  • Why do you want to breed your horse? What is the use of foal after the breeding process? What type of horse do the breeders want to have?
  • Check your horse’s pleasure. If you want to pass the natural abilities of your horse to the foal then breed your horse with the same type of horse.
  • Consider the size of the foal you want. Bigger or smaller than your mare. Accordingly, you breed your mare with a stud that will give you the same size of foal you want.
  • Consider the height of the foal you want and also think about the activities you have planned. Accordingly, you breed your mare with a stud that is taller or shorter as per your requirements of the horse you want.
  • Consider the mare traits. Whether she has a long back and neck or is it too short? Accordingly, find a stud that will supplement all the traits in your mare.
  • Think about and understand your mare’s personality. Accordingly, you can breed your mare with the same characteristics stud.
  • Decide whether your horse will have to compete or show. Accordingly, you will have to register or unregister your horse. The breeding and registration of horse is very important.
  • Check how your horse will breed. Will she stay at the stud barn for a whole breeding period or she will come back home directly after breeding?
  • Determine the stud fees for breeding your horse.

Horse breeders breed horses for commercial purposes as well as for their hobbies or ancestral business. The above-given information will surely help you in selecting your horse breed and also a general view of the horse breeding process.

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