Horse Breeds

Horses were one of the first animals that were domesticated by man for meat and milk. History records horses were first tamed by the people of the steppes region of central Asia around 3000 BC to 4000 BC. Even the cave paintings of the Stone Age man bear pictures of animals with strong erect heads with manes that are somewhat similar in appearance to the present-day horse.

There are a variety of different horse breeds that are diverse concerning appearance, nature, and toughness. Horses can be differentiated into breeds based on color breed, sport horse, and Gaited horse or slow galloping horse. Also, there are some of the best horse breeds which are used mostly for horse racing and other means.

Horse Breeds

You may take a look at some of the exotic horse breeds below.

  • Akhal Teke Horse: is one of the ancient horse breeds. Its presence dates back to about 500 BC. Also known as Turkoman, the Akhal Teke horse has a self-willed nature and the rider can hardly do anything if it changes its mood. Despite its bad temper, the horse has a majestic appearance with a narrow chest and a slender appearance. Has been a prized possession for central Asiatic nomadic tribes because the horse is very hardy and can travel for long distances by crossing deserts without a drop of water. The horse is a long jumper and is often seen to be taking part in sports.
  • Anglo-Arab Horse: The horse is the result of years of interbreeding. The horse is native to Britain, France, and Poland. It is by nature brave and gay. It has a long neck often forming an arch. The head of the horse is delicate with large highly expressive eyes. Have a broad shoulder and neck but with a short back. The bones of the horse are generally of good quality and the legs are long and slender in form. These horses are commonly used for sports, eventing, and hunting.
  • Cleveland Bay Horse: This breed of horse is native to England. The horse is generally brown. Do not purchase this breed of horse with white marks. You may purchase the horse if it has some traces of white hair or white specks near the legs. The horse is extremely hardy. The entire body structure has a convex-like appearance and a large head. This breed of horse is characterized by kind-appearing eyes and is highly intelligent. This horse is nicknamed as Chapman horse as during the 16th and the 17th centuries the horse was used as the mode of transport for traveling long distances by the Chapmen or the merchants.
  • Caspian Horse: This breed of horse is an exotic one which a few decades back was thought to be extinct. The variety of horses falls into the miniature breed of horses. The horse was highly coveted by people of ancient civilizations to carry out ritualistic purposes. These horses are native to Persia, the Mt Elbrutz region, and the Caspian Sea. These horses are characterized by bay, brown, or chestnut colors. The head has the appearance of the Arabian horse with small ears and prominent eyes. The horse is quite active and tends to jump while galloping.
  • Hackney Horse: This breed of horse has its origin in England. It grows up to the size of about 14 hh to 15 hh in height. The horse is genuinely very alert and is also very gay and sweet-natured. It has a straight head with strong shoulders. The horse has flexible joints and strong legs and has a flamboyant pace. Each gallop is taken with a second’s rest of the foot in the air resulting in a graceful movement.

Before purchasing a horse you are recommended to study the various horse breeds and buy the one that would be ideal for the purpose for which you intend to buy the horse.