Horse Care

In the old days, horses were used by men either as a mode of transportation or for agricultural purposes. However in this age it has become an approach to man’s personal pleasure and sports. Because horses are used extensively for sports, there is a special need for special care and attention for horses. More awareness is required by a horse rider while dealing with a horse to provide good horse care.

Like humans horses also have feelings. A kind love that makes humans feel good can also add happiness to their lives and happiness is one of the best medicines not only for humans but also for animals. In addition to love, they also need a diet that is full of vitamins to keep themselves robust. Vitamins A, D, and E are the most essential vitamins used for horses. At times of performance, vitamin B acts as an essential for keeping horses healthy.

  • Vitamin A is the vitamin that is most likely to be minor in diets. The natural source of Vitamin A is beta-carotene which occurs in green forages and properly cured hays.
  • Vitamin D is vital in the normal absorption and consumption of calcium and phosphorus. It can be originated from sun-cured hay and cod liver oil.
  • Vitamin E is found in ample amounts in most natural feedstuffs. Roughages, cereal grains, and especially cereal germ oils are high in Vitamin E, mostly wheat germ oil.

For protecting your horse from wind, rain, and sun you need to shelter it. The shelter should be large and there should be an appropriate bedding system so that they can rest and sleep. It is essential to keep a horse healthy. They also get tired standing the whole day. Proper rest will add to the beauty of your horse. Moreover, proper and hygienic shelters are required so that the health of a horse can be maintained well.

The muck out of horses should be cleaned regularly. Proper care and attention to horses should be given. It should be cleaned at least three times a day. Moreover, Horses require a constant supply of clean and fresh water. It adds to the duty of the horse rider to keep on checking the supply of water to the horse.

One should not keep their horse shut in a shelter, as the horse will become bored and will lose his charm. The daily basic exercise is essential for keeping a horse healthy. The basic exercise involves riding, driving the horse without a rider, and gazing at land time. It should be done frequently. The pasture should not include any kind of poisonous plants as that can affect the health of the horse.

The potential of horses is entirely reliant on the care and attention to horses given by humans. Keeping the health of the horse in mind involves choosing the right feed, examining for colic and other digestive problems, paying attention to foot and leg issues, riding with the proper tack, correct grooming and regular vaccinations, and endless other facts. There’s so much to learn about horse care that it may seem impossible to learn it all. With the change of weather horses also get infected so special attention is required by horse riders with the changing weather. All horse persons have a responsibility to learn basic horse care and guidance before procuring them.

Basic Guidelines to be followed by horse riders:

  • Avoid overexposure to dust.
  • Provide a balanced diet that includes a good amount of vitamins for the horses.
  • Regularly wash the feet of horses after riding as it will avert them from injuries.
  • Grant some time to the horse for relaxing after a ride.
  • Put a stop to horse’s work for one hour after a feed. So that the food gets digested.
  • Show them love and affection as it may help them to stay healthy.
  • A regular visit to the veterinary is advised.
  • Regular brushing, grooming, exercise, and massaging are an added plus to horse care.
  • The shelter should be well-maintained and hygienic.
  • Old horses are highly prone to tumors, and therefore a regular check-up is suggestive. The above tips on horse care will help you take good care of your horse.

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