Horse Cart

Horse carts have lured people since time immemorial. Even in the times of motor vehicles, the horse cart has still preserved its magnitude in mass. People still admire horse carts as their mode of transportation as it adds looks, elegance, and decency to humans and it is environment friendly.

Before choosing a horse cart one should always keep in mind his needs. There are several types of horse carts ranging from low-cost to expensive ones, which are mentioned below:

  • Curricles horse cart: This cart is popular for its striking looks and speed. It is mostly drawn by two horses and used for sports.
  • Barouche horse cart: The barouche cart is four-wheeled and needs four horses to be drawn. It contains accommodation for four people at a time. This is one of the most elegant and expensive types of horse cart. It depends on the person’s choice to keep the hood covered or open.
  • Landau horse cart: The landau cart is a four-wheeled horse cart and requires two horses to be drawn. It varies from a person’s wish to keep their hood open or covered.
  • Victoria horse cart: It got its name from Queen Victoria. This is one of the elegant types of cart. It is drawn by one or two horses. They are quite accepted by the ladies for riding in the park. It has space for two people and one rider’s seat. It also has the facility to keep its hood open or covered.
  • Phaeton horse cart: The phaetons are mostly drawn by two horses and are mostly in a sporty style. These types of carts are mostly admired by young men. This carriage has accommodation for two people.
  • Cinderella horse cart: Its name is derived from the very popular tale. It is one of the most expensive and aristocratic carts. It is mostly used for special occasions and has accommodation for two people. It can be drawn by one or two horses.
  • Buggy horse cart: It is a lightweight horse cart and a popular type of horse carriage. It has accommodation for two people and is mostly used at weddings and parties.
  • Sulky horse cart: It is a two-wheeled horse cart and has accommodation for only one person. It is light in weight and is mostly used by rural people as a means of transportation. It is usually drawn by one horse.
  • Cabriolet cart: it is a two-wheeled horse cart drawn by one horse. It has accommodation of two people and has the facility to fold its roof.

The above-mentioned different types of horse carts will help you to choose the best horse carts while justifying your needs. One can select different kinds of horse carts to experience a wonderful ride.

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