Horse Equipment

Horse equipment is also best known as horse tack. Horse tack is a term used to describe various types of equipment and accessories worn by a horse when they are domesticated. Saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales, and breastplates are all some equipment of a horse.

Highlights on Horse equipment: Saddles:

Saddles are like a seat for a horse rider. They are tied on horseback with the help of a strap called a clinch. This saddle strap goes around the horse for about four inches behind the forelegs. Saddles should be comfortable for the horse as well as the rider. An improper-fitting saddle may rub the horse’s skin causing pain and serious injury. There are many different types of saddles for horses.

  • Jumping saddles
  • hunt saddle
  • dressage saddle
  • roping saddle
  • barrel racing saddle
  • park saddle
  • side saddle
  • Military saddle


Stirrups are meant to the support rider’s feet. While riding rider’s legs hang down on the sides of the saddle. Stirrups make the rider feel more comfortable and secure about their legs. However, the rider’s leg may get stuck in it and drag the rider. Bridles :

The bridle is a strap used for driving and riding a horse. Bridle is an arrangement of straps around the horse’s head for precise control of the horse. It also contains a bit attached to it. Halters :

A Halter is a rope that is set to fit on the head around the muzzle and behind the ears. A lead line is given to the halter under the chain to tie the horse. Horse Halter helps to keep control over the horse. Horse halter also protects the ears and noses of horses. 

A bit is a piece of metal placed in the mouth. It is made to rest on horse teeth. It hangs in a space behind the front teeth and the back teeth. This space is known as a ‘bar’. The bit must be comfortable. This will lead to good communication between rider and horse. Types of bits are:

  • Gag bit
  • Snaffle bit
  • curb bit
  • Pelham bit


A rein is a rope attached to a bit and extended in the rider’s hand. Rein is a means by which the rider can have direct communication with the horse. Pulling the reins results in stopping the horse.


A harness is a strap that helps in bonding the horse to a cart. There are two types of horse harnesses. They are style collar hames style and breast strap style. Breastplates and Martingales:

Breastplates are a strap attached to the front of the saddle and across the horse’s chest. They prevent the saddle from not sliding down or shifting from the back of a horse. Breastplates are also worn for decorative purposes.

Martingale is equipment that restricts the horse’s head from raising it too high. Different types of martingale are the Running martingale, the Standing martingale, the German martingale, and the Irish martingale.

Thus, above mentioned are the horse equipment that is mostly used for training purposes. This equipment is very useful for the rider when he is new to this field!

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