Horse Fencing

Horse fencing is a process of making barriers/obstacles with board/wire all around the barn. Horse fencing is very important for horse breeders. This horse fencing restricts the horse from going out of the barn and keeps them safe.

Safety, appearance, and cost are the 3 important points that should be considered while designing the horse fence. If the fencing is not properly done many horses get injured. The fence should make a visible barrier for horses.

Tips for choosing your best horse fencing:

  • Your Design choice for fencing
  • Your color choice for fencing
  • Safety measures to be taken for your horses
  • Strength of the material used for horse fencing
  • Durability of fencing
  • Requirements while considering different climatic conditions
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Warranty to protect your asset
  • Reliable and inexpensive
  • Installation should be environment friendly

Types of horse fencing: Wood rail fencing :

Wood rail horse fencing is one of the most common horse fencings. Installation of wood rail fencing requires a lot of wood. It is very popular since it is easy to install as well as inexpensive. To run for a long period requires routine maintenance.

Steel Pipe Fencing :

Steel Pipe horse fencing is an extremely durable, reliable, and versatile fencing system. This type of fencing provides a year-long service and nowadays it is very popular too. It looks very good as well adds value to your property.

Field horse fencingĀ 

Field horse fencing is ideal for any type of livestock. This fencing is suitable for almost every type of small as well as larger animal such as goats, sheep, horses, poultry, etc.

Non-Climb fencing :

Non- Climb fencing is designed in a way that it has a vertical mesh fence. This fence pattern does not contain sharp ends to cut or get any type of injury to cattle or horses while stepping in or out of the fence. This fencing does not require more maintenance.

PVC and vinyl Fencing :

PVC and vinyl fencing are not affordable for many horse owners due to their price and poor durability. In this type of fencing the horse puts excess pressure on the rails or board. This pressure may result in cutting the fence and horses going out of the fence. Wire fencing :

Wire fencing is the common horse fence. It is durable as well as affordable to horse owners. This fencing is easy to install and comes in many different sizes. You can also place the board above the fence. It will help the horse to view the outside look at the same time.

V-mesh fencing :

V-mesh fencing has tight wire spacing all around the barn. It helps to prevent hoof and leg damage in horses. The v-mesh fence has a tightly woven design. It prevents humans or livestock predators who tries to come in the fence.

Electric wire fencing :

Electric wire fencing is a barrier that uses an electric shock system for the person, animals, etc touching or crossing the boundary of the fence. Electrical fencing is gaining popularity nowadays. The electric shock depends upon the voltage of the current released. This current may cause little pain, injury, or even death.

Thus, above mentioned were the tips for horse fencing and different types of horse fencing. Horse fencing is very important since it creates a barrier for your horse from stepping out of the fence.

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