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How to look after your horse’s health? If this is the question that is flying in your mind then you must know that just like humans, the health of horses plays a vital role while dealing with them. Horses easily get infected with changes in weather, unhygienic food, dust, dirty water, or unhygienic place. If you want your horse to be beautiful and majestic then all you need to do is provide good health to your horse.

The owner must have basic knowledge about the disease often found in horses. At times Veterinarians live far away or are unable to respond to a call immediately, so owners should handle a sick horse on their own.

Some of the common diseases seen in horses and some horse health tips are mentioned below so that in an emergency, action can be taken. Colic

It is the most commonly found disease in a horse. It is a sensitive gastrointestinal dilemma. In some cases, it indicates an impaction of waste in the intestines; in others, it might respond as a stomach ache from changing feed or eating too fast.

When horses suffer from colic, they usually bite at their stomachs, roll in their place and refuse to eat. It is one of the most hazardous diseases. In this case veterinary attention is essential. So make sure that the water and feed that you are giving to your horse should be hygienic for sustaining your horse’s health. Laminitis

It is a common disease in a horse. Laminitis takes place in two forms i.e. acute and chronic. The starting sign in acute disease is rapid whereas in chronic disease the symptoms are found later. When a horse suffers from laminitis, it becomes difficult for him to walk without pain. In this case, horses should get proper veterinary attention. Regularly wash the feet of horses after riding as it will avert them from injuries. Founder

It isn’t necessarily a disease of a horse, but an obstacle of many horse diseases. Founder happens when a disease, such as laminitis, goes untreated for a long period. When a horse suffers from this obstacle, it becomes difficult for him to stand and move without pain. The horses suffering from this problem need proper veterinary attention. Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

It is an infection of the central nervous system of horses. It is caused by a parasite called Sarcocystis neurona. It can turn severe if left untreated. While suffering from this dilemma he might move as if he is drunk, unsure of every footstep that he puts forward. Equine Influenza

It is a common disease in a horse. Viruses are some of the most deadly horse diseases because they can spread rapidly through an infected horse. When a horse suffers from this disease various symptoms like fever, dry coughs, increased mucus production, and depression can be noticed.

Fortunately, equine influenza usually disappears on its own after a week or two. The horse should not be ridden during this time, and veterinary consultation is advised.

For making your horse healthy you need to monitor your horse’s activities daily. The above tips and guidelines on horse health will help you maintain the health of your horse.

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