Horse Mating

Horse mating is used from traditional times to produce horses. Horse mating is conducted by allowing the horse to graze in the pastures with your mares and let nature take its path. The horse mating process is generally forceful and hideous. It depends on the etiquette of your horse and the way your horse shows affection. At times horses are brought across the oceans from other continents by breeders to produce foals with brilliant physiques and mental strengths.

The horse needs someone to accompany them as loneliness is seldom accepted by horses. It is essential to boost their stamina and to invigorate them. Horse mating is usually a walk in the park as it is with stallions and mares. Horse mating will help your horse to thrive.

The two ways of horse mating are

  • Natural Horse mating: It involves lots of consideration. It makes people think about the best way to carry out horse mating operations. Several people consider natural horse mating operations for breeding. It involves allowing your horse out to pasture with some mares to graze and reproduce. This operation takes plenty of time. It doesn’t involve any breeder during the mating of horses. This acts as an advantage for inexperienced breeders.
  • Breeder-assisted mating: This operation involves breeders assisting mating. Breeders are asked to test their mare’s interest first before involving it in a mating operation. The interest check can be done by taking your mare to the stallion’s stall and allowing them to breathe in and cuddle each other. If the mare can produce heat then it involves washing the genitals of both stallions and mares with hot water to avoid dust and dead skin during the mating process.

The above-mentioned ways of horse mating will help you to choose the best way for a mating operation. You always require a minimum of two people involved in a mating process, one to handle the mare and the other to handle the stallion. Both handlers must be confident enough of their abilities to work with horses, as horses can badly hurt inexperienced handlers during the mating operation if they are slapdash.

In the spring season, as the day enhances the horses get engaged in the mating operation therefore they are known as long-day breeders. Mares are also seasonally polyestrous because they have manifold estrous cycling in spring as well as summer. The usual breeding season for horses is the spring or summer.

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