Horse Panels

Horse panels are the solutions when one wants to keep their horses in an enclosed, manageable area. It is essential to provide your horse with the perfect panel facility to make him feel comfortable as well as secure. This will bring enormous changes in his performance. They need proper panels to get energized.

There are several panels available in the market but some of the top choices are mentioned below for the perfect panel solution:

Three-rail panel:

Three-rail panels are the most admired type of panel. This panel can be white, black, green, or brown and can be built in tallness up to six feet and width of eight or ten feet. It consists of galvanized and powder-coated high-tensile steel that needs no preservation. It doesn’t need welding and doesn’t rust. It appears with an original simple connector that is easy to use. It is available in two caps—domed or pointed, and you have the opportunity of choosing a contrasting color to modify the look of your panel.

Corral Panel :

These panels come in several economic options and are generally v-shaped forming isosceles triangles. The panels aspects square corners and smooth tube braces and are coated with a full-bake polyester powder coat paint to guard the metal against cruel weather.

All-around Panel :

All-around Panels are made from heavy-duty steel and powder coated. These panels have six rails, looped legs, and in-line vertical stays for strength and durability. The All-around panel can be used for horse corrals, round pens, training circles, and backyard roping fields. The most recommended panel size is 12 feet as it is easy to handle and install.

Noble Panels :

Noble Panels are the most adaptable panel that can be used as a permanent or portable panels. They are one of the safest and long-lasting panels. The panels come in heights ranging from four and a half feet to six feet, and one can choose rail spacing according to his and his horse’s desire. This panel comes at a good affordable price.

C&S; Iron Corral panels :

C & S Iron Corral Panels are portable and easy to set up, yet strong and safe enough. It is made from heavy gauge iron. These panels are quite economical.

Western Horse Panel :

A western horse panel comes in three heights: 60”, 66”, and 72”. 60” panel has 5 horizontal rails; both the 66” and 72” panels have 6 horizontal rails. Arch could be purchased separately or welded into panel construction. These lightweight steel panels are coated with powder Old Gray Iron. They have capped-off, square corners for protection, and looped legs for portability.
The above-mentioned panels will help you in choosing the best panel for your horse as per its requirements.

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