Horse Products

Products needed to keep the horse comfortable, healthy, and happy are called horse products. Following are different types of products for horses.

Bath Products for Horse: The first step involved in getting your horse ready is a bath. The horse products which you need for bathing are shampoos and conditioners. The horse with a darker hair coat is easy to clean. This horse does not require special bathing shampoos meant for stain removal. Lighter-coated horses require special bathing horse products to remove grass, mud satins, and manure. Applying bit grease may also help in cleaning/bathing horses more easily.

Banding products for the horse: After cleaning your horse, the next step will be banding the horse. For banding your horse you need banding products. While choosing horse banding products, the band should properly fit the horse. These include clips and other trimming supplies. While banding the horse basic band should match well with the horse. You should have proper trimming scissors for good trimming.

Clipping products for horses: Clipping the horse requires horse products such as clippers, clipper blades, trimming scissors, and razors. There are different types of clippers used according to the area which needs clipping. Ears, muzzle, and face clipping are the most required clipping. When working over your horse’s nose and muzzle you should use clippers or a disposable razor for a closer cut. Using the grooming clippers of horses for the body will damage them.

Horse Riding products: Horse riding products/equipment are a bit expensive. It includes saddles, bridles, halters, stirrups, bits, harnesses, and Breastplates. These products ensure a safe ride on the horse.

First aid product for horse: First aid products that are needed for a horse are vet wrap, betadine, portable ice, heat packs, regular leg wraps, and furanone. Antibiotics help the horse to fight against any infection. Horses need wraps for bandages or to protect legs, tails, and hooves.
Feeding products for horses: Food fed to the horse causes a direct impact on the horse’s health. Hays is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. The horse should be fed with proper nutritious food.

Transportation products for horses: The horse trailer can be used to transfer horses from one place to another. Horse trailers are also called horse floats. Uploading and unloading a horse is very challenging. Horse floating ensures easy transportation of a horse. Safe transportation of horses is another important part of health care.

The final product used for horse appearance: The products which give the final touch to the horse appearance include fly repellant spray, coat conditioner, gloss to shine, highlighter for the muzzle, highlighter for the face, highlighter for the ears, horse blankets, cooling sheets and supplies to secure the horsetail. Hoof polish is also another important product needed for a horse.

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