Horse Reins

Horse reins are the way through which the rider communicates with his horse. By pulling on the reins in different ways, the rider would be able to control all features of the horse’s movement, including how fast it goes, whether it goes left, right, or straight. A rider must have ample knowledge about how to rein his horse.

The following guidelines that are mentioned below will help the rider to know how to handle the rein of his horse safely:

  • Procedure to grip reins: one must hold all reins in each hand to work with the horse smoothly as well as quickly. Then stick those reins under all four fingers making them held by thumbs against your forefingers. Hold the reins in such a posture to relax your fingers and wrist while making your arms and elbow hang but do not let them shake and finally pull the reins lightly.
  • Handle reins softly: horse owner is supposed to pull the reins softly to make him feel free. Harshly dragging the horse through its reins will make him numb to your command.
  • Constantly readjustment of reins: constantly readjustment of reins will help in building good communication with your horse.
  • Stop pulling reins on a runaway: it’s scary to be on a runaway horse but in those circumstances, one should not pull the horse’s reins as it encourages him to keep running.

Reins are one of the significant tacks used for communicating with horses. So you must have basic knowledge about the types of horse reins available in the market. It will also help in adding calmness to their horse’s behavior when pulled by those reins. Every type has its pros and cons all are mentioned below:

  • Safety reins: These reins are specially designed for persons who are frustrated because of reins slipping from their hands. These reins are gripped in your hands in such a way that it doesn’t get slipped.
  • Knot reins: This type of horse reins includes knots in their reins to help the rider to popper their hands. It will make it easier for the rider to operate his horse easily.
  • Loop reins: this type of reins is mostly used by disabled riders. Loops can be created with some different materials of reins. It is adjustable according to the rider’s needs.
  • Hole reins: it is somehow similar to the loop reins. The hole is created by sewing both reins together to make the rider feel safe while riding. The length of this rein can be adjusted but it adds complexity at the time of making your horse go left or right.
  • Stick reins: it is preferred mostly by that rider who want to ride from one arm. They are almost the same as the ladder reins. The only difference between the two is that stick reins have a hard stick attached to the end.
  • Ladder reins: this rein has several straps. This is mostly preferred by those riders who don’t have a strong grip. Their length can be increased or decreased according to the rider’s choice.
  • Closed reins: closed reins are the type of reins that are usually single in pieces. However, sometimes they are buckled together at the end. It helps the rider from dropping the rein. The above article is all that you need to know and learn about horse rein and its types.

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