Horse Stall Mats

Horse stall mats are one of the best ways to make your horse feel contented. People are aware that standing on concrete flooring for long hours can prove hazardous to a horse’s hoof. Horses require proper stall mats to rest their hooves. These horse mats help the owner to reduce his expenditure on bedding for horses as they are fairly comfortable for horses to sleep in. It also reduces the cleaning time of stalls.

Mats reduce the risk of injury in horse hoofs. It is less slippery when wet so it reduces the slipping of horses. Most mats are easy to sterilize with a disinfectant.

Owners should understand the need of their horses before purchasing stall mats since there are several types of stall mats. This article could help you to understand which mat would be efficient for its stall. When the owner can identify the specific needs, appropriate mats for horses can be selected which could target these specific needs. Since horse stall mats come in different styles, sizes, and qualities therefore owners need to understand different types of mats.

Several types of stall mats are:

  • Flat Edge: It is the most common type of stall mat and is available in almost every horse tack showroom. It is fairly inexpensive compared to other mats. Usually, these are placed side by side in a horse stall. The thicker the stall mat, the more sturdy it will be during its use.
  • Interlocking Mat: Interlocking horse stall is constructed like large puzzle pieces in the stall. It helps to reduce the amount of urine leaking through to the stall floor. This mat facilitates a hygienic environment in the stall as it absorbs urine.
  • Ring Mat: This type of stall mat allows excess water and liquids to be drained off the surface of the mat. These mats are mostly used near washing and grooming areas as they have a good water-draining facility. It prevents the pooling of water installs. They are good for the floors which are washing or grooming areas.
  • Portable Mat: This type of stall mat is mostly used by horse owners who travel with their horses. This mat reduces the amount of bedding without sacrificing comfort for your horse. These mats are available in different varieties like – flat edge, interlocking, and drain. The owner can choose any of them according to the needs for travel.
  • Custom Mat: It is one of the most expensive types of stall mats. Custom mats are usually first cut and then it is installed on the floor.

The above-mentioned list will help you classify the mats that will be best for your horse. The owner should select one of the different kinds of stall mats for his horse to make it feel comfortable and secure.

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